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Dr. Bretta Blanton teaching in Africa


We are excited to announce an alliance with Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization based in Tennessee with an international reach. Through some co-promotion fund-raisers we hope to recruit more youth to this organization as well as to provide them with opportunities for education in the sciences. More on these initiatives later. For now, we’d like to introduce you to this exciting organization, headed up by raw food enthusiast and Chemist, Dr. Bretta Blanton (above).

The mission statement for Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow is to
increase science literacy amongst people of all walks of life as well
as to provide opportunities for science education to all types of
people.  Science literacy rates are alarmingly low all over the world.
Even in the US, the science literacy rate is about 28%. Part
of the reason may be the fact that science has been perceived as
something that is for the elite or for people of certain races and
genders. But, science is for everyone!

People do not realize that we need science in our day to day lives.
For example, our future research on raw food nutrition will illustrate how
science can be useful in day to day life.

Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow
Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow Essay Awards


Here is a bit more about Dr. Blanton’s work from an email…

Also, there is a large segment of talent that is overlooked. Many
people from poor communities in the US as well as from Third world
countries are discouraged from doing science.

Through Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, I want to make it clear that
scientists come in all colors, races, creeds, and genders.

Also, a large segment of talent is overlooked because they just do not
have the money and just are not afforded the opportunities. So, through
Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, I provide a few small scholarships; also
book scholarships, internships, mentoring, tutoring, book and computer
donations, teacher training, science demos, science camps, and science fairs.

Our services are open to everyone, but I try and target those in Third
world countries or from poor communities in the US. I facilitate teacher
training in Third World countries. Many times they feel like they are
not able to teach science due to the lack of resources. But, I have
developed a series of experiments that they can use to teach their
classes. These experiments can be done using cheap and local
resources. I have a group of teachers that I trained in Malawi who
deliver this seminar.


Good work indeed! As you may know Storm and I have several advisors and associates in the sciences and we and Bretta are all very excited by the potential of bringing these scientists, who are raw-supportive, together under this nonprofit organization to begin discussion about what types of research can be done and most needs to be done to show the validity and healthfulness of the raw vegan diet from a scientific perspective.

As most known researchers, doctors and scientific persons in the raw movement become supplement dealers, we look forward to facilitating some unbiased research that may even show that it is the raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds themselves that are the true superfoods.

As I see it, the first phase will be Discussion of ideas for research studies, to be followed by Planning, Fund-Raising, actual Research and eventual Publishing of the findings in Medical Journals where they can have an impact on the scientific community.

Some ideas for research studies….

- Comparisons of raw foods vs. cooked foods, same foods measured in both states. A new food chart like the Nutritional Almanac but with the raw/cooked nature of the foods specified.

- A look at some common B12 assumptions. Is B12 present in an absorb-able form in beef? Cooked beef? Seaweed? Fermented Foods? Can we look at test groups and measure B12 levels?

- What toxins are created when various foods are cooked?

- Are any foods safe to eat cooked?

- What toxins are present in raw foods?

- A look at pH balances in foods as well as in people after eating these foods. Can it be proven that a raw food diet produces an alkaline body?

- Can we look at different test groups for different kinds of raw diets?

- Can we look at the results of raw food diets on children?

- Can we look at what different raw foods or combinations of raw foods do in the body, their unique healing properties, long-term results of eating certain raw foods or raw food combinations.

- What nutrients must be present in order to assimilate various common nutrients.

…The possibilities (and questions!) are endless…

We welcome your ideas for possible research studies!

What would you like to know if you could ask a knowledgeable scientist about the raw vegan diet? Leave a “Reply” below…

For more about The Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, please visit them online at

In joy!
Jinjee and Storm

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