The Orange Juice Diet

An eBook Publication From The Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education
by Jinjee Talifero

What Is The Orange Juice (OJ) Diet

The Orange Juice Diet is a very simple and beautiful way to lose weight and rejuvenate in a very short period of time. It is a 2 week diet consisting only of orange juice (and water). You can drink as much fresh squeezed organic orange juice as you want. All you need are sun ripened organic oranges and an electric citrus juicer. Some people would call this an Orange Juice Fast. However other people say that the word Fasting should only be applied to a Water Fast. If you are taking calories into your system, you aren't really fasting. So we call it The Orange Juice Diet or The OJ Diet. The OJ Diet offers many of the same beneficial results as a water fast. Orange Juice is very easy to digest so it gives your system a rest from digesting. It is less dramatic than water fasting because you are still taking in food energy. Fruit is a cleansing food so your cells receive a deep cleaning and clearing out of toxins. Fruit is a very pure source of energy so our cells also receive a charge of electric mineral-rich energy. Therefore the OJ Diet gives us a clarity and a glow; health and rejuvenation on a cellular level.

Where to Get Organic Oranges

You can order organic oranges by the crate. We suggest ordering 2 to 3 crates/boxes per week per person. Ideally you would get your oranges directly from an orange grower. If you live in a Southern State you should take advantage of your situation and find an organic orange grower near you. To locate an organic orange grower in your area do an online search, ask your health-food store, ask at your farmers market, or check the yellow pages. Even if you have to drive two hours to get to the farm, it is worth it to buy the oranges directly from the farmer! This will give you the most affordable and the freshest, ripest, most vital oranges you can get. If there is a farmers market in your area that is a great place to get organic oranges too. Farmers usually pick their oranges the day before the market to sell at the market, so the oranges would be very fresh too! If you live elsewhere, ask at your local health-food store if they can sell you boxes of organic oranges. If not, ask them if they can order some boxes for you. If you don't have a local health-food store, you can order through your grocery store or supermarket. When we lived in Canada we had our local supermarket order boxes of organic oranges for us. Depending on where you live the oranges will cost between $20 and $40 a crate. So your food bill will be about $40-$120 per week during The OJ Diet. (This is probably a lot less than you spend on food now).

How To Do the OJ Diet

To juice a glass of orange juice simply cut about four oranges in half and press each half down on the electric juicer. We purchased our electric citrus juicer at a home appliances store for $20. It is small and portable, easy to put together, easy to use, and easy to clean. Clean your juicer immediately after juicing and all you will have to do is rinse it off. If you don't clean it right away you'll have to scrub a bit. If you have a kitchen at your place of work, you can bring your juicer and oranges with you to work.

Your day on the OJ Diet might look like this: a glass of OJ at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, noon, 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. That's 6 glasses a day. Or you might drink 2 glasses at each of these times if you prefer. You could drink 2 glasses 3 times a day if that is easier for you. It really doesn't matter how much, how little, how often or when you drink the OJ. Do whatever is comfortable for you. The point is to consume nothing but OJ and water for 2 weeks. We recommend that you drink 2-8 glasses of water a day in addition to the OJ. One easy way to ensure that you get enough water is to keep a bottle of water at your side and drink a couple of sips every 15 minutes or so. The reason it is important to drink water is because no other substance has the same cleansing ability as water. And the orange juice diet is going to put your body into a state of cleansing. So the water adds additional and important cleansing strength. Drinking sufficient water and getting exercise are the two most important things to do to prevent any uncomfortable detoxification symptoms from occurring while you are doing the OJ Diet.

Drink the juice immediately. Do not store your juice in the fridge for later. The orange juice begins to oxidize right away, a process whereby the juice both loses nutrients and becomes toxic. Use only fresh squeezed organic orange juice that you juice yourself. Do not use pasteurized, processed, canned or any other kind of orange juice. Not only is it completely dead and devoid of nutrients, but it is actually toxic. You would get sick and malnourished drinking only pasteurized concentrated OJ for two weeks. You should also avoid commercial (non-organic) oranges like the plague. I can actually taste the chemicals in them. They also have much less nutrition in them than organic oranges because they are grown in soil that has been chemically fertilized and chemically treated with pesticides and herbicides to kill all the bugs and weeds. When you kill all the bugs and weeds, you destroy the soil's natural balance and that soil therefore becomes very low in minerals and nutrients. To take away death is to take away life. The soil is essentially sterilized. To sterilize something means that you remove the death force from it, which is the same thing as removing the life force, because life and death are a part of the same cycle. This life/death force in foods is called "enzymes". Enzymes make the food grow and ripen and they also make the food rot at the end of the cycle of the fruit's life. So killing the enzymes in food by heating or pasteurizing the food makes the food last longer on the shelf, but it also removes the life force.

The oranges must also be tree-ripened or sun-ripened. You can tell if an orange is ripe by the appearance of the skin. It should not have any green tinges or green tint to it. It can have brown spots; these are actually bee stings and indicate that the orange is good and ripe, and very sweet! The acid in unripe oranges will upset the balance in your system. When oranges are allowed to ripen on the tree then the acid turns to beneficial sugar.

What Makes Oranges So Nutritious

Oranges are nutrient dense so your body will be receiving far more nutrition than it is used to. Oranges contain the following essential vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and folic acid. They contain the following minerals: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc. Oranges also contain all of the 18 known amino acids. Oranges contain beneficial carbohydrates, beneficial protein, and beneficial fat! Yes, each orange even contains .16 gm of fat! Oranges also contain fiber, electrolytes and organic water. In short, the orange provides all the nutrition your body needs, with absolutely no toxins, provided it is organic. You can see the chart at the bottom of this document for the exact amounts of each of the above nutrients contained in an orange. It can be very reassuring to know that you are getting such a rich quantity of nutrients while you are on the OJ Diet.

The Difference Between Unheated and Heated Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates

All foods are either fats, proteins, or carbohydrates, or usually a combination of all three. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates from fruit are totally beneficial and necessary for proper brain function. Fats, proteins, and carbohydrates from animal products or that have been heated are toxic and damaging to the body. The difference between the unheated fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables vs. the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates from heated animal products is so vastly different that they can hardly be considered to be the same nutrients.

Mother's milk is 2.2% protein. So is OJ and most fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are the ultimate food for nourishing the human body. When you are an infant you double in size in your first year, eating nothing but mother's milk. At no other time in your life is your protein intake as critical. And if 2.2% protein is good enough for an infant, it is certainly the right amount of protein for a human adult. Storm (at left) is a 54 year old raw-vegan who has eaten a raw-vegan diet including about 75% fruit for over 30 years. He has built a muscular body that many people wouldn't believe possible on a diet that contains no animal protein.

Feeling Satisfied on The Orange Juice Diet

It is almost impossible to feel deprived when you are living on the most delicious food in the world. Look at a glass of Orange Juice. It is the most lovely color. It is so thick and full of nutrients that you can't see through it. And to think that it comes from a tree! Trees give us oxygen for breathing and they give us the ultimate food for our bodies! You are drinking Tree Juice! It is totally addictive in a positive way. Orange juice is the staple food in our home the way bread is in many homes. When we run out of oranges we feel like we've run out of food! When I am hungry, orange juice is what I crave. I like to drink it sitting in the sun. It reflects the light so beautifully. It almost absorbs the light, bringing an extra dose of sunshine into your system. I think of orange juice as liquid sun, liquid gold. The orange's magical alchemy of turning earth into gold also works within our body turning our sludge-filled cells into clear bright building blocks making up a vibrant and dynamic being. The orange is made from earth, water, sun, and air, ~ it contains all four main elements in it. It is a perfectly balanced food. I can't think of anything that tastes better than orange juice! It goes down so easily, like breathing. It digests almost instantly, giving you instant energy. And it keeps you energized for a long time. If all you drank in a day was three glasses of orange juice you would almost certainly have more energy than most people who eat three square meals.

What to Expect While You are on The Orange Juice Diet

During the OJ Diet most people will feel an instant increase in energy and well being. However some people may feel a little light-headed, dizzy, and low energy. This is caused by toxins being eliminated from your body. It is nothing to worry about. Relax and appreciate what your body is doing for you; cleaning house. If you feel weak, take the day off if you can and lie in bed doing nothing! This will allow your body to focus all its energies on cleansing (detoxification).

The OJ Diet will improve your skin, hair, nails, organs, digestive system, nervous system, electrochemical system, meridian system, respiratory system, tissue elasticity, muscle tone, joint function, and brain function.

You will notice results almost immediately, probably within 1-3 days of beginning the diet.

Curing Detox Symptoms with an Enema

If you experience a headache or flu-like symptoms it may be that your colon is clogged, the toxins being eliminated from your body are getting stuck in the colon, and you are re-absorbing toxins back into your system. The instant cure for this condition is to do an enema. You can buy an enema bag from any drugstore. You fill the bag about half-full with very warm water, hang it up on your shower-head pinching the hose to prevent water escaping, lubricate the nozzle with olive oil and insert gently in your rectum, crouch down on all fours on your knees in the bathtub with your bottom up, and slowly let the water escape through the hose into your colon. Remain in this position for one to two minutes and then you will feel the pressure to eliminate. Do so. Wait another 1-5 minutes and you may feel the pressure to eliminate again. Do so. Wait again for 5 minutes. Then refill the enema bag and start the whole process again. Doing this twice in a row will clear any blockages you may have in your colon and almost instantly dissolve your detox symptoms. After doing an enema you feel so clean and clear, it gives you such a feeling of well-being throughout your body, that you won't want to put anything clogging into your body again. The enema is a very gentle way to clean the colon. It is safe to do frequent enemas. However if it is done to excess, for instance every day for many weeks on end, then it can actually strip the colon of necessary bacteria.

Exercising While You are on The Orange Juice Diet

It is very good to exercise every day on the OJ Diet. This will help prevent detox symptoms as toxins are expelled through your breath, your sweat, and your elimination organs. When you exercise you are moving your lymph system, the system responsible for waste removal in your body. This is a system similar to your blood system but with no pump to move it. The only way to move your lymph system is to exercise! The old Native American saying; "Expect poison from stagnant water" applies just as well to your body as to mountain pools.

An ideal exercise during the OJ Diet is to take a 2 hour walk each day, outside. If you can only manage a half an hour to an hour that's fine. If you already have a workout routine that you are happy with you can keep doing that instead of walking. Walking helps process toxins, alleviates detox symptoms, balances your whole being, and exercises every muscle in your whole body in the most natural way possible. It is aerobic, strengthening, and stretching, the three types of exercise that we all need to stay fit, strong, and supple all of our lives. Walking also gives a glow to your skin, creating more elasticity which gives you a more youthful appearance. If you can walk in nature, that is also very healing and health-giving for your body, mind and spirit.

Caring For Your Teeth on The OJ Diet

Oranges and orange juice contain citric acid. This acid can be hard on your teeth. Brush your teeth with a natural toothpaste such as Burt's Bees or Peelu. (Make sure your toothpaste doesn't contain Lauryl Sulfites or hydrolized vegetable/soy/wheat protein). Citric acid starts to affect your teeth about 20 minutes after you drink or eat it. So brush your teeth within 15 minutes of drinking OJ. If you are drinking OJ five or six times a day you want to brush lightly so you don't over-brush and hurt your gums. If you can't brush your teeth every time, at least swish with water to rinse your teeth. This will help somewhat. Also extremely helpful for your teeth is to drink your OJ with a straw so that the juice actually by-passes your teeth.

The OJ Diet and Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Candida, etc...

Can you do the OJ Diet if you are diabetic, hypoglycemic or suffering from candida? Yes! These conditions are usually worsened by a sugary diet. Again, fruit sugar is a vastly different nutrient than processed sugar. They are in fact opposites. I suffered from candida before I became a raw-vegan. When I was going back and forth between a cooked and a raw-vegan diet I noticed something very interesting. I noticed that when I was eating cooked food then any additional fruit sugar in my diet aggravated my candida. However when I was eating only raw-vegan foods then I could eat as much fruit and drink as much fruit juice as I wanted without any candida symptoms appearing. I could even live on orange juice. This experience leads me to believe that fruit sugar causes a different reaction in your body in the presence of cooked foods or refined sugar.

I have a friend who tests his blood sugar levels using a diabetic blood testing machine. He has been on a Raw-Vegan Diet for 4 months. He recently tested his blood sugar a half an hour after drinking 4 cups of a raw fruit smoothie (as opposed to a frozen commercial smoothie that you get at Jamba Juice and restaurants). His blood sugar was 105, which is "fasting" level, as though he hadn't eaten at all! Science will tell you that this is impossible. However they have not yet taken into account the difference between testing on a naturally healthy (raw-vegan) body and a "normal" (cooked) person. The internal environments in these two types of bodies is so vastly different that foods will react completely differently in each of them. The medical profession recommends that we avoid fruit if we have diabetes, hypoglycemia or candida. They are correct if they are treating a person who eats a cooked-food diet. However, in the absence of cooked and processed foods, fruit will heal these conditions! The best and most reassuring thing to do is test this for yourself. If you have a condition such as diabetes, hypoglycemia or candida you should invest in a blood-sugar testing kit, available at any drugstore for around $70.

The Results of The OJ Diet

By the time you have completed the Orange Juice Diet you will feel much lighter. You will feel about 10 years younger. You will look 10 years younger, glowing, vibrant, and healthy. You will sleep better. You will have an abundance of energy. You will be more alert and have clarity of mind. You will feel creative and your emotions will be balanced. You will probably have lost between 10 and 20 lbs.

Maintaining a Clean Body After the OJ Diet with The Raw-Vegan Lifestyle

You may want to do the OJ diet one week a month or two weeks every few months. You may want to include fresh OJ in your regular diet more often, perhaps replacing one meal each day.

After finishing the OJ Diet you will feel so clean that you will not wish to return to an ordinary diet. That is why it is an excellent way to jump-start a raw-vegan diet. It offers more dramatic and instant results than just "going raw". It quickly cleans and detoxifies your system so that you can absorb all of the nutrients in raw foods. And it leaves you feeling so energetic and vibrant, vibrating at such a high frequency, that you will not want to do anything that will bring your energy down again.

We recommend that after the OJ Diet, you go on The Raw-Vegan Diet, which is not a diet but a lifestyle. The Raw-Vegan Diet consists of organic unheated fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, raw honey, unrefined sea salt, and cold-pressed olive, flaxseed and hempseed oils.

The Raw-Vegan Diet is nutrient dense because the foods are not damaged by heating. The Raw-Vegan Diet is virtually toxin-free because it consists only of organic (chemical free), unprocessed (toxin free), and truly natural (found in nature) foods. The Raw-Vegan Diet is delicious because it uses the basic building blocks of all the artificial tastes and flavors manufactured on the planet and because it allows your taste buds to become highly sensitive. If you allow your body to become truly hungry before you eat then the food is even more delicious, as hunger is the best spice! And you are so well-and-truly-nourished on The Raw-Vegan diet that you will not feel the need to eat before you are truly hungry.

To eat a Raw-Vegan Diet is very simple. We have detailed instructions in "The Garden Diet" eBook. To sum it up you shop from a health-food store, farmers market, and/or directly from farmers. Your shopping list looks something like this.

Shopping List:

fruits (organic, in season, mostly locally grown)
vegetables (the same as above)
nuts (fresh, organic, in the shell, or in bulk, but preferably refrigerated if not in the shell)
seeds (bulk hulled sunflower and pumpkin seeds)
tahini (ground sesame seeds)
oils (cold-pressed organic olive, hempseed and flaxseed oils)
olives (raw Kalamata olives)
dates (medjool, from the produce section)
honey (raw, cold-packed)
unrefined sea salt (such as Celtic Sea Salt)

Equipment you may want:

Citrus Juicer (around $20 at a home store)
K-Tec Blender, Vitamix Blender, and/or Food Processor
Vegetable Juicer such as the Greenstar Juicer (

This equipment is completely optional. You don't actually need any equipment to do The Raw-Vegan Diet. The highest form of the Raw-Vegan Diet is eating simple whole foods in their natural state.

We do not recommend investing in a dehydrator or eating dehydrated foods. Dehydrated foods have no water in them. Therefore your body must re-hydrate the foods internally, taking valuable water from your system. We are skeptical of whether dehydrated foods contain much nourishment. Cooking involves heating food at high temperatures for a short time. Dehydrating food involves heating food at low temperatures for a long time. If you do the math, it adds up to about the same thing. Dehydrated foods are concentrated and therefore stronger tasting than raw foods. This can lead people to eat dehydrated foods in place of fresh foods. However we recognize the contribution that dehydrated foods have made in helping people to create recipes that taste a lot like cooked foods, thereby helping more people to become interested in the raw diet. If dehydrated foods are used in moderation during the transition phase they can help people to make the eventual transition to a more simple and healthful raw-vegan diet.

Coming Off The OJ Diet

Here is a suggested menu plan for the first four days after The OJ Diet (See Recipes in The Garden Diet eBook for details):

Day 1
Breakfast - Banana/OJ smoothie (blend OJ and a banana in your blender)
Lunch - Bananas
Dinner - Fruit Salad (gentle fruits such as banana, mango, and papaya)

Day 2
Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Baby Green Salad with avocado/lemon dressing (mash an avocado and add a little lemon juice and pinch of unrefined sea salt for dressing)
Dinner - OJ

Day 3
Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Seedmilk (sunflower seeds soaked for 4-8 hours blended with water in your blender)
Dinner - Salad

Day 4
Breakfast - Fruit
Lunch - Almond Milk (almonds soaked for 6-12 hours blended with water in your blender)
Dinner - Salsa and Jicama

See Menu Plan in The Garden Diet eBook for a suggested menu plan for the next seven days.

After this you should be in tune with your body and ready to listen to its needs, fine-tuning The Raw-Vegan Diet to your particular tastes, needs, and lifestyle. Remember to be patient with yourself. We have been cooked foodists for millions of years. If you can't change overnight, that's only natural. Every step that you take towards a raw foods diet is a giant step for mankind! Never give up! And be gentle with yourself!

Nutrition Charts, from "Nutrition Almanac" Third Edition by Lavon J. Dunne:

Orange (1 orange):
Calories - 62 gm
Protein - 1.23 gm
Carbohydrate - 15.4 gm
Fiber - 56 gm
Vitamin A - 269 IU
Vitamin B1 - .114 mg
Vitamin B2 - .052 mg
Vitamin B6 - .079 mg
Biotin - 1.8 mcg
Niacin - .369 mg
Pantothenic Acid - .328 mg
Folic Acid - 39.7 mcg
Vitamin C - 69.7 mg
Vitamin E - .43 IU
Calcium - 52 mg
Copper - .059 mg
Iron - .13 mg
Magnesium - 13 mg
Manganese - .033 mg
Phosphorus - 18 mg
Potassium - 237 mg
Selenium - 2.5 mcg
Zinc - .09 mg
Total fat - .16 gm
Cholesterol - 0 mg
Tryptophan - .012 gm
Threonine - .02 gm
Isoleucine - .033 gm
Leucine - .03 gm
Lysine - .062 gm
Methionine - .026 gm
Cystine - .013 gm
Phenylalanine - .041 gm
Tyrosine - .021 gm
Valine - .052 gm
Arginine - .085 gm
Histidine - .024 gm
Alanine - .066 gm
Aspartic acid - .149 gm
Glutamic acid - .123 gm
Glycine - .123 gm
Proline - .06 gm
Serine - .042 gm

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Before and Afters
We would be happy to give you support while you are doing The Orange Juice Diet. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns. If you would take a before and after picture of yourself before and after going on The OJ Diet and send us a little letter about the results of The OJ Diet on your health, we would be very happy! Let us know if we may share the pictures and testimony online or not. Questions, Photos, and Your Stories may be emailed to us or mailed to: The Garden Diet, PO Box 5031, Frazier Park, CA 93222.