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Marcus Patrick Osborne Reads From The Essene Gospel of Peace....

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Would you enjoy listening to Storm's interpretation of The Essene Gospel as well as excerpts from The Essene Gospel of Peace, accompanied by Storm's beautiful bass recorder music? We have produced a 35 minute audio mp3 file, read by British actor Marcus Patrick Osborne! (pictured at right)

Fortify yourself during this Holiday Season with these Biblical-era teachings about the Earthly Mother that are believed to have been found and translated in the 1930's. Listen in your car, by the fire, in bed, or on your iPod while you clean, and be inspired to honor the temple of your body!

Some of my favorite concepts in the Essene Gospel are.....

~ That we are made of the same stuff as our Earthly Mother, so we need to eat what she provides us!

~ That She is forgiving. Once we start obeying her rules, we are healed of absolutely anything!

See if it speaks to you! Many of the original raw living legends got their inspiration from this little book that has been around since the 1930's.

We are making this mp3 audio file available for free, and only request that you pay as much as you feel it is worth to you personally, so that we can continue to bring you educational and inspiring raw vegan health information!


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