365 Healthy Habits for the New Year

Happy New Year!!

The below is adapted from my eBook “Take a Deep Breath” – how to start taking care of yourself right now! — I’d like to share this with you for the New Year!

A fun game you can do with this list: You can print it out double-spaced and cut out each line, put all of the pieces of paper in a special bowl and randomly choose 1 a day to inspire you to take care of yourself in a new way every day!


365 Healthy Habits to Cultivate – one day at a time!

  1. Take A Deep Breath
  2. Stretch upon waking
  3. Take time out
  4. Close your eyes for 10 seconds
  5. Wash your face with cold water
  6. Take a hot shower
  7. Take a bath with candlelight
  8. Listen to soft music
  9. Listen to Claire Du Lune by Debussey
  10. Listen to Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie
  11. Listen to Oboe Concerto in D Minor by J.S. Bach
  12. Listen to Air on a G String from Orchestral Suite No. 3 by J.S. Bach
  13. Write down everything you want
  14. Write down your 10 major goals in life (you can change them any time)
  15. Read an inspiring book
  16. Sign up for inspiring messages to your inbox
  17. Answer email once a day for a set time
  18. Automate
  19. Delegate
  20. Eat Fruit
  21. Imagine peace
  22. Go for a walk in nature alone
  23. Go for a walk with your child
  24. Go for a walk with your spouse
  25. Go for a walk with a friend
  26. Go for a beach walk
  27. Call your favorite person
  28. Buy an outfit in your favorite color
  29. Paint a painting in your favorite color
  30. Write three pages of longhand stream-of-consciousness pages every morning
  31. Take a Kundalini yoga class
  32. Sing loudly when driving by yourself in the car
  33. Drink a green smoothie
  34. Go for a run
  35. Take a martial arts class
  36. Teach your children to be helpful
  37. Give your children chores
  38. Go on a picnic
  39. Go to a church or temple
  40. Go to an interesting group meeting
  41. Watch a sunset
  42. Watch a sunrise
  43. Go camping
  44. Go swimming in a river
  45. Sing while you clean house
  46. Toss away a big garbage bag full of clutter
  47. Polish your sink with a clean dish-towel at the end of the day
  48. Do your dishes as soon as you are done eating off them
  49. Pack everything you don’t use and store it in your basement
  50. Fold and put your laundry away as soon as it is done drying
  51. Sleep when tired
  52. Eat when hungry
  53. Eat only when hungry
  54. Drink when thirsty
  55. Drink whenever thirsty
  56. Sleep in as long as you want once a week
  57. Eat slowly
  58. Savor your food
  59. Be grateful for each chew, each burst of flavor
  60. Exercise every day you can
  61. Think happy thoughts
  62. Watch funny movies
  63. Entertain your dreams
  64. Foster another’s dreams
  65. Read about things that interest you
  66. Talk to successful people
  67. Talk to people who interest you
  68. Do work that you love
  69. Do what you love first thing every day
  70. Put energy into doing the things you love
  71. Day-dream about doing the things you love
  72. Imagine your perfect day
  73. Eat locally grown in-season fruits
  74. Eat locally grown in-season vegetables, unheated
  75. Eat a whole raw bell pepper
  76. Eat a whole raw tomato
  77. Eat raw snap peas
  78. Eat some baby greens on their own
  79. Eat a piece of raw corn on the cob
  80. Blend up a watermelon and drink it
  81. Blend up a cantaloupe and drink it
  82. Eat a big bowl of raspberries
  83. Find a U-Pick orchard and eat sun-warmed fruits as you pick
  84. Get a wild foods book and eat some wild foods!
  85. Make sun tea
  86. Make almond milk (see TheGardenDiet.com)
  87. Eat an avocado on its own
  88. Cut up your favorite veggies finely and wrap in a lettuce leaf
  89. Eat in the sunshine
  90. Smile a lot
  91. Laugh often and easily
  92. Rub your hands together rapidly, put the heels of your palms over your eyes for 10 seconds
  93. Give of who you really are
  94. Have a talk with God
  95. Meditate
  96. Think about the Universe
  97. Contemplate the mind
  98. Meditate on the body
  99. Wonder about yourself
  100. Take an ecstatic dance class
  101. Take an afternoon nap
  102. Give some energy and time to a child
  103. Do something for an elderly person
  104. Give a present to a friend
  105. Don’t use chemicals on your body
  106. Leave off the sunscreen
  107. Don’t eat after 6:00 PM
  108. Eat only fruit before noon
  109. Drink a sip of water every fifteen minutes
  110. Take a break from your computer for fifteen minutes each hour
  111. Do one yoga pose
  112. Walk in place
  113. Jump on a mini trampoline / rebounder
  114. Think about your spouse’s best qualities for five minutes
  115. Think about your own best qualities for five minutes
  116. Think about your Mother’s best qualities for five minutes
  117. Think about your Father’s best qualities for five minutes
  118. Think about your child’s best qualities for five minutes
  119. Think about God’s qualities for five minutes
  120. Do what you know is right
  121. Work hard
  122. Think about your finest moment
  123. Reflect on a time you were happy
  124. Re-read your favorite book
  125. Re-read your favorite childhood book
  126. Stop and enjoy beauty
  127. Listen to some new music
  128. Walk a new trail
  129. Travel
  130. Explore your interests
  131. Write down the things you love
  132. Follow your intuition
  133. Get happy
  134. Do some cardio exercise
  135. Do some stretching
  136. Do something strengthening for your muscles
  137. Try a new sport/exercise
  138. Watch a new exercise video
  139. Watch a dance video
  140. Watch a yoga video
  141. Get a workout buddy
  142. Join a hiking club (look up your local Sierra Club chapter at sierraclub.org)
  143. Do 100 crunches upon waking
  144. Do 100 push ups upon waking
  145. Breathe into your belly
  146. Feel the Universe expressing love to you as you eat
  147. Fill your heart with love
  148. Write down the things you live for
  149. Write down the people who depend on you
  150. Give the best of yourself
  151. Eat organic
  152. Forgive
  153. Love
  154. Pray
  155. Forgive yourself
  156. Love yourself
  157. Have integrity
  158. Be passionate about your work
  159. Do what you love
  160. Eat in moderation
  161. Don’t heat your food
  162. Have a grateful heart
  163. Don’t worry, be happy
  164. Expect grace
  165. Relax
  166. Rest
  167. Play
  168. Sleep
  169. Breathe
  170. Have a best friend
  171. Create
  172. Let go
  173. Banish guilt
  174. Give to your community
  175. Learn something new
  176. Do it without fear
  177. Live in nature
  178. Accept all religions
  179. Know yourself
  180. Sing and dance
  181. Don’t be a perfectionist
  182. Take a chance
  183. Set a timer for 20 minutes when you are Social Networking or surfing online
  184. Give yourself a break
  185. Acknowledge your accomplishments
  186. Organize
  187. Be positive
  188. Plan
  189. Have faith
  190. Have courage
  191. Be a giver
  192. Harbor love
  193. Allow yourself dignity
  194. Have a sense of humor
  195. Go to sleep early
  196. Wake up early
  197. Sleep when it is dark
  198. Stretch before sleeping and upon awakening
  199. Pray before sleeping and upon awakening
  200. Give thanks for the gifts of the day behind
  201. Give thanks for a new day
  202. Notice all the gifts of life
  203. Have a big salad for dinner
  204. Get ready for bed when the sun goes down
  205. Get ready for the day before the sun comes up
  206. Write down everything you eat today
  207. Don’t use the word can’t
  208. Never give up
  209. Don’t answer your phone
  210. Work out with light weights
  211. Hula Hoop
  212. Jump rope
  213. Walk in Beauty
  214. Put a lovely picture of fruit on your wall
  215. Do something bold
  216. Do something you’ve never done before
  217. Take a chance
  218. Talk to a stranger
  219. Invite an exciting person to lunch
  220. Leave your comfort zone
  221. Just say Yes
  222. Eat raw for a day
  223. Eat fruit for a day
  224. Eat greens for a day
  225. Become the change you want to see in the world
  226. Do what you can, where you are, with what you’ve got
  227. Build momentum
  228. Listen to your own experiences
  229. Get addicted to health
  230. Get addicted to energy
  231. Tap into an upward spiral
  232. Get a day ahead on your work
  233. Buy a beautiful bowl to eat from
  234. Take only what you need
  235. Use fresh herbs
  236. Get in shape for your old age now
  237. Make a Decision
  238. Begin it now!
  239. Give up meat
  240. Give up dairy
  241. Allow time to heal
  242. Take time out for your spirit
  243. Allow yourself to complete projects
  244. Just say No
  245. Have patience
  246. Dump the leftovers
  247. Throw away any food you consider junk food
  248. Begin your great journey with a single step today
  249. Sleep outside
  250. Show kindness to somebody
  251. Give food to a hungry person
  252. Play with children
  253. Hold a baby
  254. Look into an infant’s eyes
  255. Watch the skies for shooting stars
  256. Make your life easier
  257. Be enthusiastic
  258. Wander the wilderness at night
  259. Do your best
  260. Be aware of the present moment
  261. Focus on your breathing
  262. Find the opportunities in your challenges
  263. Act happy
  264. Start a walking group
  265. Acknowledge your victories
  266. Celebrate your accomplishments
  267. Pat yourself on the back
  268. Give yourself an hour off
  269. Don’t eat food that has a shelf life longer than a month
  270. Don’t eat foods from a box, can, or other package
  271. Don’t eat foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce
  272. Appreciate your face
  273. Love your belly
  274. Massage your feet
  275. Gently tap your fingertips in a circle around your eyes
  276. Skip breakfast
  277. Give more energy (you’ll get even more back!)
  278. Visualize yourself young
  279. Dress in a way that makes you feel good
  280. Embrace change
  281. Welcome your challenges
  282. Love your obstacles
  283. Re-invent yourself
  284. Invest in yourself
  285. Invest in your health
  286. Write your manifesto / personal mission statement
  287. Realize that work is love
  288. Know that service is love in action
  289. Find something creative you love to do
  290. Seek balance
  291. Search for well-being
  292. Get some fresh air
  293. Sleep with your window open at least a crack
  294. Read a novel
  295. Read poetry
  296. Visualize
  297. Imagine
  298. Make lists of things you want to buy
  299. Keep your body clean
  300. Take care of your teeth
  301. Rinse your mouth (swish) after each meal
  302. Brush your teeth after each meal or twice a day
  303. Floss
  304. See the dentist twice a year
  305. Invest in your teeth
  306. Care for your hair
  307. Enshrine your work desk
  308. Free your mind
  309. Relax your mind
  310. Organize your mind
  311. Follow your bliss
  312. Live according to your highest light
  313. Live according to your own values
  314. Have high standards
  315. Be grateful for what life has given you
  316. Value your experiences
  317. Value your talents
  318. Treasure your gifts
  319. Enjoy your possessions
  320. Nurture your friendships
  321. Appreciate your time
  322. Put a value on your time
  323. Put a value on your experiences
  324. Put a value on your expertise
  325. Put a value on your years
  326. Put a value on your gifts
  327. Honor your uniqueness
  328. Honor your feelings
  329. Prize your heritage
  330. Prize your job
  331. Prize your intelligence
  332. Respect your thoughts
  333. Know you are not a bad person
  334. Savor your emotions
  335. Appreciate your peers (ie all people here on Earth now!)
  336. Develop your talents
  337. Preserve an inner sanctuary
  338. Expand your awareness
  339. Flourish your personal magic
  340. Gain knowledge
  341. Grow your skills
  342. Increase your self-esteem
  343. Intensify your passion
  344. Let your light shine
  345. Celebrate your journey
  346. Know what you want
  347. Ask for help when you need it
  348. Look people in the eye
  349. Focus 100% on the person speaking to you
  350. Enjoy people
  351. Develop good listening skills
  352. Turn negatives in to positives
  353. Say nice things to yourself
  354. Pray for positive energy
  355. Strengthen your will
  356. Aim to Succeed
  357. Swell with pride
  358. Thrive
  359. Admire the good in others
  360. Attune yourself to goodness
  361. Adore beauty
  362. Believe you are good
  363. Know you are worthy
  364. Know that you are loved
  365. Write your own list of a 100 ways you can start to take care of yourself right now

Happy New Year!
In Joy!

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