One Week Raw Challenge

One Raw Meal a Day for One Week!

Introduce your body to tasty raw foods!

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This is a wonderful optional Prep-Week for our next 28 Days Raw Program or 21 Day Cleanse 


Do You Accept the 7 Day Raw Challenge?

You don’t need to give up your regular diet to try raw foods! We challenge you to simply try eating one raw meal a day for a week and see how you like it!  (It can be either lunch or dinner – your choice)


What is the 7 Day Raw Challenge:

This is an Intro to Raw, a Transition Program, and A Raw Prep Program to help you learn to love raw foods and allow your body to get used to having more life force in your diet while only slightly tapering off your regular way of eating, whatever that may be.


The goals we achieved in putting together the 7 Day Raw Challenge:

- Use the most delicious recipes we have

- Be easy to make

- Be economical

- Include 2 shopping lists (one for days 1-3, and one for days 4-7)

- Make it short and easy to print with 15 pages, each with a small full-color recipe photo


The Recipes:

Monday – Creamed Parsley Salad

Tuesday – Cheesy Noodles

Wednesday – Cheesy Kale Salad

Thursday – Simple Raw Burgers

Friday – Celery Soup

Saturday – Avocado Nutwich

Sunday – Celery Root Pilaf




Only $19.95



15 page eBook with the 7 best Raw Recipes we have, one recipe for each day of the week!

2 Shopping lists to make it easy to shop for the Recipes

Lifetime membership to 7 Days Raw Support Forum


Extras / Free eBooks!:

You will also receive all of our Raw eBooks (listed below) with well over 100 recipes all told as well as a wealth of knowledge, education, tips, tricks, and information from our combined 60 years of experience in living raw, raising 5 raw children, and teaching thousands of people about the raw lifestyle!


eBook 1 – The Garden Diet

Raw Food 101! What, Why, and How to Eat Raw!


eBook 2 – Raw Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth

The joys of the raw-vegan diet for healthy pregnancy


eBook 3 – Raising Raw Vegan Children

The Talifero Family Secrets.


eBook 4 – Jinjee’s Journal

My battle to stay 100% raw vegan.


eBook 5 – Storm’s Story

Storm’s Story, an autobiography of a long-term raw-vegan.


eBook 6 – Forever Young, The Anti-Aging Guide

Storm’s guide to staying forever young with raw foods!


eBook 7 – Raw Vegan Body Building Muscle Mass

The elusive art of adding weight, muscle, and tone on raw foods.


eBook 8 – Healing With Raw Food

How raw food heals, with testimonials from people who have reversed a

variety of conditions.


eBook 9 – The Orange Juice Diet

A 2 week cleanse to jump-start your raw lifestyle.


eBook 10 – Sergeant Boo-Yow’s Online Boot Camp

Kick the junk food habit and get in shape quick.


eBook 11 – The Raw Vegan Holiday Survival Guide

This year, bring the light inside!


eBook 12 – Seven Days Raw, with Shopping Lists and Menu Plans eBook

Three different 7-day plans with recipes included. One for weight

loss, one for weight gain or maintenance, and one for children.


eBook 13 – Take A Deep Breath

365 ways to start taking care of yourself right now


eBook 14 – The Yoga of Nursing

the joys of attentive nursing for emotional intelligence and spiritual bonding


eBook 15 – Raw Food in Real Families

Introductions and Recipes by the founding members of The future Raw Vegan Village


eBook 16 – Thanksgiving Feast

Recipes for a 5-course Raw Vegan Holiday delight!


eBook 17 – Unbelievable

Debunking the myths surrounding our food choices


eBook 18 – Discoveries

An eBook of insights from a long-term raw vegan by Storm Talifero


eBook 19 – Raw Awakening

A 3 Day Menu Plan for experiencing the awakening of body and mind.


eBook 20 – The Vital Force Diet System

A 1-week Raw Vegan Menu Plaln for Boomers


eBook 21 - 130 Raw Things to Eat

All the recipes from our Raw Empowerment Program in a text document you can import into any recipe software.



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