Are we too commercial?

The Garden DietI read a comment yesterday on a board saying that this person had unsubscribed from our newsletter because we had become too commmercial.

Now I have no problem with people unsubscribing from my newsletter – and I wil happily help people to do so when they email me if they are having any trouble doing it themsleves. I don’t take that personally. Sometimes people just get tired of having a million newsletters in their inbox.

But in pondering why this person announced it to the public, I wonder if this person has personal issues with people making money doing what they love, or if perhaps this person believes that raw food education should be free. Or perhaps I really have too much promotion for the programs going on in ratio to the information and inspiration provided.

I too believe that raw food information should be free for everyone – hence our blogs, 75 free raw recipes, free eBooks, and free daily raw inspiration which we also put out on facebook and twitter. We also do free talks, interviews, conference calls, radio shows and webinars.

But I know we could not do as much for the raw movement if we didn’t make it our career. We would have to work day jobs to feed our family.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to get a regular pay-check, but I am a believer in following your bliss and giving the best of yourself to the world, and so I’m grateful to have the Internet and the entrepreneurial spirit to make a go of this.

I am still learning how to be a good business person. It would be easier if we sold supplements and superfoods. We would weave the ads for these throughout our sites and newsletters, and change them up, always offering new deals on the latest products. But we don’t use these products, so we don’t sell them.

What we sell are simply our menu plan programs that are helping hundreds of people over the years to go raw and stay raw. I try to limit the amount of daily raw inspirations that focus solely on promoting our programs to once a week, and to always include some inspiration even in those emails. I also try to keep our promotions interesting and inspiring.

However it is challenging and I know for some of you who have been subscribers for a long time, it may be getting repetitive. I apologize for this, and hope that you can enjoy the new insights, recipes, resources and ideas shared in this newsletter and skip over the parts that you already know about.

We continue to have new subscribers every day and I want to make sure they understand these programs are here and that they know what they are all about. I consider these programs our greatest service, the best of our knowledge and experience that we have to give.

I also like to make sure that all our program alumni know about the new start dates so that they can repeat the programs, which many people do as our programs come with a lifetime membership.

By the way, to get our 75 free raw recipes, simply sign up for our new aWeber Daily Raw Inspiration list at

And to unsubscribe from the old Dadamail version of the Daily Raw Inspiration list so you don’t get two copies of the same newsletter every day, click here.

(We are slowly phasing everyone out of this old Dadamail list and in to the new aWeber one as it looks much nicer).

I look forward to reading your comments and ideas re the commerciality issue!

Thank you for your support and readership through the years!

In Joy!

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The Raw Retreat Business – Online Course

How to Earn $60,000 – $200,000 a Year Running A Raw Retreat Business For No Upfront Cost!

Run a Raw Food Retreat

How can you earn this much money starting right now and remove your financial stress while working in a career that is not just unbelievably fulfilling but also improves the quality of life for the hundreds of people you will be serving each year?

The Raw Retreat Business Online Course will show you how! – for less than a business course, way less than the cost of any Franchise on earth, even way less than you’ll make in your first month of business!

Run a Raw Retreat

If you are a raw vegan… we need you! The world needs you!

If you are a raw vegan… you could be earning a living providing a much needed service – helping people to go raw through hands-on experience!

What Kinds of People are Seeking Raw Retreats?

- Young people who want to change the world

- Boomers who are seeking anti-aging and preventive diets

- Health Seekers of all ages

- Athletes seeking to improve their performance and recovery time

- Entertainment Industry people where raw food is a trend

- People whose health has been compromised by the SAD diet

- People who are going in for surgery

- People who have been told by their doctors to go on a raw diet

- People concerned with animal rights

- People concerned with the environment, seeking a sustainable diet

Raw Retreat Business

This Course covers everything you need to know from start to finish, including…..

Part 1 – Decisions and Planning

- Different types of Raw Retreats

- Optimal length of a Retreat

- Running an Ongoing Retreat House vs. Conducting Individual Retreats

- Where to do your Retreats

- How to Price your Retreats

- Creating your Retreat Budget

- How to find a beautiful retreat house

- How to negotiate a great deal on renting a retreat house

Part 2 – Marketing

- How to structure your retreat

- Activities to offer, drawing on your strengths and location

- Creative ideas to make your retreat unique

- How to market your retreat

- How to position yourself as an expert in the Raw Movement

- How to get your retreat “on-the-Map”

- How to Set Your Retreat Apart

- How to accept sign-ups for your retreat

- How to accept sign-ups even if you don’t have a Merchant Account

Part 3 – Running the Retreat

- What people are looking for at a Raw Retreat

- Creating your Sleeping Arrangement Plans

- What can go wrong at a retreat

- How to run a retreat single-handed

- How to make your Job as Retreat Leader Easier

- How to get free volunteer staff

- What to expect when you have volunteer staff

- How to manage your volunteer staff

Part 4 – Food

- Where to shop for food

- How to get discounts on raw food and the best fresh produce

- What ingredients to buy in bulk

- Where to buy ingredients in bulk

- Ingredients, Recipes, and Menu Plans

- Raw Food Philosophy

- Importance of Cleanliness in Raw Kitchens

- How to Get Good Deals on Raw Food Equipment

- How to Make Money selling Raw Equipment at Your Retreat

Raw Retreat Business

In this Course you’ll also receive

- Link to a password-protected full retreat menu plan, ready to print, with a lifetime license to use these favorite acclaimed and well-beloved recipes.

- Link to password-protected business plan for a raw retreat center

- Links to websites where you can generate traffic to your retreat site

- How to set up your retreat website in one day

- Where to get a professional logo for only $99

- How to get 1000 business cards made for free

- How to accept credit cards over the phone with no Merchant Account

Raw Retreat Business Course

This is a 4 week online course. You can start any time and go at your own pace. You will receive a new package of documents weekly via email.

This is not a franchise. You will be the sole proprietor (owner) of your own retreat business.

This is not a retreat network. We will not be advertising your retreat for you. We will show you how to do that more effectively yourself.

You will however have a permanent link on – a top page in google results when you search for “raw food retreat”, “raw food retreats”, “raw retreat”, and “raw retreats”.

This is a training program for those who would like to run a raw food retreat from their own home or a house near them.

This training is for you if….

- You would like to improve your quality of life

- You would like to work in the burgeoning raw food movement

- You would like to help and heal others

- You enjoy working with people

- You are a raw vegan or aspiring raw vegan

- You would like your work to support your raw lifestyle

- You enjoy being around like-minded people

- You believe that service is the greatest work you can do

- You enjoy helping people to lose weight and improve their health

- You enjoy preparing raw food

- You are gifted with food

- You are ready for a career change

- You would like to earn more money

- You would like to do more meaningful work

- You would enjoy work that involves eating raw food and hiking all day

- You have or are willing to develop business skills

Are you ready to be abundant? Are you ready for right livelihood? Are you ready to give the best of yourself to the world? Are you ready to enjoy your career?

Register for The Raw Retreat Business Online Course

Add to Cart View Cart

Introductory offer, $973.00 We have previously provided consultations to people starting raw retreats for $5,000 – $10,000. This course includes all of the information we shared during these consultations and more! It is an absolutely incredible value!


Or Register for The Raw Retreat Business Online Course AND Hands-on Training



There is also an optional hands-on training opportunity for those who would like to come and learn to make our raw recipes with instruction from Storm and I.

This is a 5 day intensive workshop in Ojai, California, just one hour from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Luxury Accommodation is included.

The cost of the Hands-on Training is $4900.

When you purchase the Hands-on-Training you receive The Raw Retreat Business Online Course at no additional cost.

Add to Cart View Cart

Introductory Offer, $4900

Have questions?

Contact Jinjee for Customer Service

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Raw Pizza Party on a Plate!

We have had so many great comments about my Raw Pizza Extravaganza recipe that I’m going to revisit this favorite recipe with some new photos and ideas here…

Jinjee's Raw Pizza Party on a Plate

We’ve been having fun experimenting with different ways to change this pizza up, using spinach, cilantro and rosemary instead of the basil, leaving out the cashew cream or tomato sauce and of course changing up the toppings with marinating any vegetables at all and having simple 2-ingredient toppings to the works!

Each layer is almost a lovely meal on its own!

The crust is like an amazing herb bread. It is hard to not eat much of it while preparing this.

The marinara pizza sauce layer could be used with kelp noodles or wrapped in thin zucchini slices for a mini ravioli.

The toppings are quite delicious and I’ve eaten the leftover toppings on their own and quite enjoyed them like an antipasto.

But put together, it is sensational!

A nice side effect of the deliciousness of this pizza is that there is simply no reason to ever crave its inferior cooked counterpart ever, ever, again!

Jinjee's Raw Pizza Party on a Plate

And I’m sorry, I really do WAY prefer this pizza to any dehydrated pizza or dehydrated pizza crust! Dehydrated doesn’t even taste raw to me any more and I LIKE raw food! I genuinely prefer the taste, texture, flavor and life energy! I miss it if it isn’t there in every layer, like something’s missing! It just isn’t a complete experience.


In Joy!

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The Emotional Detox Opportunity

Every Sunday at 2:00 PM I host a Question and Answer Conference Call for my Go RAW Program Participants.

This week nobody had any questions so I just talked about what was on my mind – which was Emotional Eating and Emotional Detox and the relationship between the two, as well as the incredible opportunity that Emotional Detox offers us as a part of the healing process.

I think this talk could be a good resource for anyone dealing with Emotional Detox which is when we become grouchy, irritable or even highly emotional when we switch to a cleansing diet like the raw food diet.

So I’d like to share this talk with you freely via these links below. They are mp3 files so you can listen while you work or clean or whatever. They will automatically stream on your browser, or you can download them (see instructions at bottom of page if you have trouble) and listen to them in iTunes or burn them to a CD or mp3 player to listen to while you are driving.

PART 1 – There is about 5 minutes of silence at the end of this one as I got disconnected. As soon as the silence starts just go ahead and close this file and go to the next part here:




Topics covered in above calls  –

What is Emotional Eating

Why we do it

Stuffing down emotions

What is Emotional Detox

Why it happens

How we can deal wtih Emotional Detox

Negative emotions as messengers

Being with our emotions

Connection between emotional and physical bodies

Stress and eating

Avoidance of pain

Working through addictions, getting unstuck

EBT (Emotional Brain Training)

Processing Emotional Detox with EBT

Re-wiring the brain with EBT

The free EBT app

Other ways of processings our emotions


Download Instructions – To download the files to your computer, click on the first link below. Then go to your File menu and select “Save page as…” Or right-click or control-click on the actual file display and select “Save as…”


Countdown to 28 Days Raw — 5 days! Tomorrow is last day for Early Bird Special!


In Joy!

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New Raw Recipe ~ Jinjee's Raw Pizza Extravaganza

Raw Empowerment Program

The Raw Pizza Extravaganza (non-dehydrated raw pizza) takes about 30 to 40 minutes to prepare but is well worth it! I have to tell you this pizza trumps any cooked pizza out there! This is what cooked pizza is TRYING to taste like! :)

My family asks me to make this 2 or 3 times a week!

prep-time: 30-40 minutes



1 cup cashews

pinch Celtic sea salt (or salt to taste)

1/2 cup fresh basil


Tomato Sauce:

1 cup sundried tomatoes (the kind you buy in a jar of olive oil. Otherwise, soak regular sundried tomatoes in water until soft, about 1-2 hours. Longer is fine if you want to soak them overnight for instance)

1 tbsp. honey



1 cup cashews, soaked 6-12 hours preferably

Juice of 1/2 lemon

pinch Celtic sea salt (or salt to taste)

1/2 cup fresh basil

1 clove garlic, with core of clove removed

1 tbsp water



1/2 cup cilantro, chopped finely

1 tbsp black olives, seed removed, chopped finely

1 yellow tomato, cubed

1/2 red bell pepper, finely chopped

1 stick celery, thinly sliced

1/2 cup button mushrooms, thinly sliced



1/2 lemon, juiced

tbsp olive oil

tbsp water

pinch salt

tsp honey (optional)





1. To Marinate Toppings

- Mix all toppings in bowl

- Add marinade ingredients

- Allow mixture to marinate while you prepare the rest of the pizza. (Start the marinade earlier in the day for a softer toppping mixture. For a really soft topping you can put the marinade in a glass bowl with glass lid outside in the sun for 1 to several hours)


2. For Crust

- Blend cup cashews into powder

- Blend in basil and salt

- Remove from blender, complete mixing with hands if necessary, and press mixture down into a round crust on plate. It will be a fairly thin crust. After shaping and pressing down (kids love doing this part), use a spatchula to loosen the crust from the bottom of the plate


3. For Tomato Sauce

- Blend both ingredients together until smooth sauce

- Pour sauce on to pizza crust and smooth out until it covers crust evenly


4. For Cheese

- Blend all ingredients until creamy sauce

- Pour cheese over tomato sauce and smooth out evenly


5. Add Toppings

- Pour toppings on to top of pizza



Slice, serve and enjoy!

21 Day Raw Cleanse

For more amazing 100% Raw, Fresh / non-dehydrated Garden Diet recipes see our Upcoming Online Go Raw Menu Plan Programs:

21 Day Raw Cleanse 3 Week 100% Raw Menu Plan

28 Days Raw Experience 4 Week 100% Raw Menu Plan

Raw Empowerment Program Advanced Menu Planning Program

In Joy!

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Addiction Free at Sea

Addiction free at Sea
If you want to kick anything from cigarettes to cooked foods, hard drugs to alcohol Captain Storm’s heavy weather Clinic on board the 41 foot sailboat “Endless Passage” is a unique rehab indeed. The ocean and raw vegan diet make for transformational shifts in consciousness! In business by special request only for over 30 years.

Captain Storm has been providing heavy weather sailing trips for over 30 years. He has helped people overcome addictions and turned lives around.

3-days minimum. Special focus in helping youth gain self esteem. 100% raw vegan diet provided.

Private and group retreats. Rates available upon request. Contact Jinjee Talifero.

Addiction free at Sea






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The Garden Diet Recipes Teaser

Here’s a little 2 minute video of some of the recipes from our guided raw programs! The Garden Diet Recipes are easy, delicious, and nutritionally balanced! See below for a schedule of upcoming programs and more information!

Watch this video on Youtube

Schedule of Upcoming Online Classes

28 Day Transition-To-Raw Program – June 18th, 2012

21 Day Raw Cleanse – July 16th, 2012

Raw Empowerment Program – Ongoing Registration

Vital Force Diet System – New Session every Monday


10th Annual Garden Diet Retreat!

Raw Food Hiking Retreat

This July 16th, 2012 join us in the beautiful mountain town of Ojai, California for some of the most beautiful, majestic, and breath-taking hiking in the world accompanied by a 100% raw vegan menu. Learn Storm’s secrets of shopping for and preparing the highest-quality, highest-vibration 100% natural raw vegan foods! Space is limited. View all the details

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Saucy Summer Sprouts Recipe

raw recipesYummy! Yummy! Yummy! How can something sooo energizingly healthy taste soooo completely decadent and pleasureful!!?

Tips: Get the sprouts from your farmer’s market and your cashews from Lassens or a store that sells Navitas cashews!


- 1 cup alfalfa sprouts or clover sprouts

- 1/2 cup clover sprouts (or radish sprouts if you’d like it spicy!)

- 1/2 cup broccoli sprouts (or pea sprouts or sunflower sprouts)

Note: It doesn’t matter what kind of sprouts you use, though clover or alfalfa sprouts make the best base for this salad. The idea is to have about 2 cups of sprouts all in all, and a variety is kind of nice.

In this one pictured upper left we’ve added in a bag of mixed sprouts with sprouted lentils that we bought at a farmer’s market! My son Jome likes the extra protein from the sprouted lentils, but I prefer the softness of just sprouts in this creamy salad.

Cashew Dressing Ingredients:

- cashews, 1/2 cup, blended in blender to a fine flour. The cashews should be dry, not soaked. And the blender should be dry too. If it is wet at all the nuts will not powder down well. If you don’t have a Vitamix blender, a coffee grinder can be used to powder nuts.

- 1/2 to 1 tablespoon olive oil (optional)

- 1 tablespoon raw honey (or sweeten with one or two pitted dates)

- 1/2 to 1 clove garlic (optional)

- 1 tablespoon vinegar

- pinch of salt


1. Place sprouts in big bowl.

2. Blend Dressing ingredients in blender with 1/4 to 1/2 a cup spring water until smooth creamy consistency.

3. Stir dressing in to sprouts. Use two forks to massage the dressing in.


Serves: 1-2 people

Source28 Days Raw


This recipe was featured on these fine blogs: Monday Mania, Meatless Mondays, Weekend Whatever, Weekend GourmetNifty Thrifty Things, Fat Tuesdays, Anti-Procrastination Tuesdays, Tutorial Tuesdays, Traditional Tuesdays, Tuesday Time Out, Teach-Me Tuesdays, Hearth and Soul, Living Green Link-up, The Gathering Spot, Momnivores Dilemma, Pennywise Platter, Seasonal Eats, Inspiration Friday, I’m A Food Renegade, Fresh-Bites Friday, Show and Tell Friday,  and more…

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The Vital Force Diet System

Raw Vegan Oat Rice

Raw Vegan Oat Rice


Yes, that’s really raw rice in the image above! Made from delicious soaked oat groats this is just one of the amazing recipes in Storm Talifero’s exciting new eBook “The Vital Force Diet System”.

The Vital Force Diet System is designed especially for weight loss, rejuvenation, and increasing your energy levels.

The focus is on sprouted foods, protein-rich, high-electrolyte balanced nutrition.

This System is a variation on The Garden Diet developed by Storm (62) as his own needs changed and therefore is especially well suited to Baby Boomers. It will also help anyone who is seeking to lose weight, prevent or reverse aging, or simply to have more energy.

The Vital Force Diet System Program comes with:

- The Vital Force Diet System eBook

- One week Menu Plan

- Shopping Lists

- Exclusive Online Forum

- Lifetime Membership

Vital Force Diet System from The Garden Diet

Vital Force Diet System from The Garden Diet


The Vital Force Diet System Program begins every Monday. Start whenever you are ready, continue on the Program for as long as you want, and join in again as often as you like.

The Vital Force Diet System Program costs just $47 total, a one-time fee for the eBook and lifetime membership to the Program.


Register Here

Add to Cart View Cart

Buy Now, $47

Or to order just the eBook now for only $25 for instant delivery to your inbox, click here:



Special Today!

Order our 28 Days Raw Program and 21 Day Raw Cleanse, 7 weeks back-to-back raw menu plans, that starts on Monday June 23rd, and you’ll receive the Vital Force Diet System eBook with Menu Plan and Community  for FREE!

Use the Vital Force Diet System menu and community as a Prep-Week for the 28 Days Raw Program!

Offer available for as long as this text is here.



You can find out more about how and why Storm developed The Vital Force Diet System on Storm’s “Raw For Boomers” blog post here:


email Customer Service

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Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow

Dr. Bretta Blanton teaching in Africa


We are excited to announce an alliance with Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization based in Tennessee with an international reach. Through some co-promotion fund-raisers we hope to recruit more youth to this organization as well as to provide them with opportunities for education in the sciences. More on these initiatives later. For now, we’d like to introduce you to this exciting organization, headed up by raw food enthusiast and Chemist, Dr. Bretta Blanton (above).

The mission statement for Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow is to
increase science literacy amongst people of all walks of life as well
as to provide opportunities for science education to all types of
people.  Science literacy rates are alarmingly low all over the world.
Even in the US, the science literacy rate is about 28%. Part
of the reason may be the fact that science has been perceived as
something that is for the elite or for people of certain races and
genders. But, science is for everyone!

People do not realize that we need science in our day to day lives.
For example, our future research on raw food nutrition will illustrate how
science can be useful in day to day life.

Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow
Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow Essay Awards


Here is a bit more about Dr. Blanton’s work from an email…

Also, there is a large segment of talent that is overlooked. Many
people from poor communities in the US as well as from Third world
countries are discouraged from doing science.

Through Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, I want to make it clear that
scientists come in all colors, races, creeds, and genders.

Also, a large segment of talent is overlooked because they just do not
have the money and just are not afforded the opportunities. So, through
Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, I provide a few small scholarships; also
book scholarships, internships, mentoring, tutoring, book and computer
donations, teacher training, science demos, science camps, and science fairs.

Our services are open to everyone, but I try and target those in Third
world countries or from poor communities in the US. I facilitate teacher
training in Third World countries. Many times they feel like they are
not able to teach science due to the lack of resources. But, I have
developed a series of experiments that they can use to teach their
classes. These experiments can be done using cheap and local
resources. I have a group of teachers that I trained in Malawi who
deliver this seminar.


Good work indeed! As you may know Storm and I have several advisors and associates in the sciences and we and Bretta are all very excited by the potential of bringing these scientists, who are raw-supportive, together under this nonprofit organization to begin discussion about what types of research can be done and most needs to be done to show the validity and healthfulness of the raw vegan diet from a scientific perspective.

As most known researchers, doctors and scientific persons in the raw movement become supplement dealers, we look forward to facilitating some unbiased research that may even show that it is the raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds themselves that are the true superfoods.

As I see it, the first phase will be Discussion of ideas for research studies, to be followed by Planning, Fund-Raising, actual Research and eventual Publishing of the findings in Medical Journals where they can have an impact on the scientific community.

Some ideas for research studies….

- Comparisons of raw foods vs. cooked foods, same foods measured in both states. A new food chart like the Nutritional Almanac but with the raw/cooked nature of the foods specified.

- A look at some common B12 assumptions. Is B12 present in an absorb-able form in beef? Cooked beef? Seaweed? Fermented Foods? Can we look at test groups and measure B12 levels?

- What toxins are created when various foods are cooked?

- Are any foods safe to eat cooked?

- What toxins are present in raw foods?

- A look at pH balances in foods as well as in people after eating these foods. Can it be proven that a raw food diet produces an alkaline body?

- Can we look at different test groups for different kinds of raw diets?

- Can we look at the results of raw food diets on children?

- Can we look at what different raw foods or combinations of raw foods do in the body, their unique healing properties, long-term results of eating certain raw foods or raw food combinations.

- What nutrients must be present in order to assimilate various common nutrients.

…The possibilities (and questions!) are endless…

We welcome your ideas for possible research studies!

What would you like to know if you could ask a knowledgeable scientist about the raw vegan diet? Leave a “Reply” below…

For more about The Brilliant Scientists of Tomorrow, please visit them online at

In joy!
Jinjee and Storm

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