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  1. Jack Yowell says:

    I am 89 years old. I am a computer illiterate; dumb as dirt. I want to avoid GMO’s and fast food if I can. I have outlived my generation. I am a recluse. I do not have one friend or visitor and I do not watch TV (except as a critic). As a result I don’t think I have been dumbed down to the extent of the majority. I quit seeing a doctor (MD) two years ago, haven’t got a pain anywhere and feel great. I met Dr. Group and Dr. Wallach thru Alex Jones Infowars/prisonplanet and have availed myself of their books and products; which I am sure, thru the grace of my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, has extended my life. May God bless your ministry to the uninformed and ignorant.

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