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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Dear Jinjee, first off i love your website! i am writing you because i am desparate. i am a 460 pound african american female. i am permanently disabled because i am considered morbidly morbidly obese. i tried every diet and even tried to do gastric bypass. they couldn't go through with it because i didn't have enough intestense to use so they are recomending for me to admit myself in a braitric treatment center or get the lap band done, another bypass surgery. i have high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, asthma, severe sleep apnea, high cholestoral, i get headaches every day, i can't remember things well and my brain feels like it doesn't want to think. my skin is so dry and my hair has fallen out and is very brittle. i feel very lost because i can't afford to eat organic or exspensive diet stuff. i started doing research on the internet and came across alot of sites talking about raw food. i am very careful about eating alot of fruit because of my diabetes. i want to try this way of eating. i experience feeling hungry all the time. never feeling satisfied. anyway, i know i'm talking so much but i have been battling my wieght for 44 years. my body always feels tired. now i can't walk much a few steps and i have to sit down . please help me! i'm so depressed i don't leave my bedroom except to go to the doctors and food shopping. i want to live life again. i want to try this diet but i think i will feel so hungry all the time and the fruit would make my blood sugar rise. it rises so easily. i would love some advice or a mentor. i hope you and your wife can help me. thank you for reading my e-mail. i just wanted to talk to someone.

A: Hi! I will be happy to try to mentor you, but please realize I'm not doctor - just a friend who has had some success with losing weight on a raw vegan diet. However your situation is pretty serious. So I would only do this under a doctor's supervision. But if you can get a doctor to support you in this, go for it! Here's what I would do, - with a doctor supervising - I would do any one of the following things:

1. do a green juice fast.. It sounds hard but once you start, it might be easy for you. Be open to that possibility. Give it a try! Order a Green Star Juicer (its $400+ but think about how expensive your medical bills and medications are, or will be over the years, and you'll see its a very little amount to spend!). Do buy organic.. It is the only way to safely do any kind of raw vegan diet or juicing regimen, and once again, the difference in price is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the money saved on medical bills and medications. The things you can juice are:

- carrots and spinach (just a handful of spinach to start with, working up to one bunch after a few weeks)
- cucumbers, kale, celery (10 cucumbers, one bunch kale, one bunch celery) - this'll last you half a day! It will change you instantly. You will become a different person after drinking this just once, I promise you!

Other vegetables you can juice up in any mixture:
(mix any of the below):
- carrots
- cucumbers
- beets (start slowly!)
- kale
- chard
- spinach (start slowly!)
- dandelion greens
- celery
- broccoli
- cauliflower
- bell peppers
- parsley
- etc..

2. If this all sounds like too much for you, just stop eating meat! You'll be amazed at the difference in your life within just a few days!!!!!

3. If you can, also stop eating any dairy (milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, cream, sour cream, butter, baked goods that contain any of the above, bread made with any dairy in it) - You will feel about 300 times better for sure!

4. If you really want to go raw, but don't want to juice, then you can just eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds plain! Make sure the nuts are raw!!! Not roasted!!! For instance, you can eat a bunch of parsley, plain! My 7 year old loves it, and does it all the time! You can eat like that all day, and you'll feel amazing the first day already!

Best of luck!!!! Feel free to email me any time!!!



Q: Two years ago, I had a kidney removed with renal cell cancer. They told me they couldn’t do anything, couldn’t sit and wait for it to return so I went holistic. Went to a health retreat center, began eating organic, and all raw plus drinking wheat grass. Unfortunately I have gotten away from 100% raw and eat as much raw as possible, but that’s not a lot. Last month I went to visit my son in Atlanta, went to a restaurant that was organic and have a raw meal. I can’t stop thinking of how it made me feel even for hours later. I was more alert, more energetic and not the normal fuzz and sleepiness that I have. Do you know why? I can’t stop thinking about it and want to feel like that all the time.

A: First, congratulations on dealing with your health holistically - and obviously doing a great job!

I'll do my best to answer your question as to why you felt so energized after the raw meal:

1. Enzymes. Raw foods have enzymes in them which are killed by even low heat. These enzymes help digest the food. So your body doesn't have to work as hard to produce as many digestive enzymes. When your body is producing a ton of digestive enzymes needed to break down cooked food especially heavy animal proteins then it stops producing as many metabolic enzymes that are needed to run the rest of your body systems. That's one reason you get tired after eating cooked foods.

2. No toxins. Raw plant foods have virtually no toxins. All cooked foods contain toxins. When you heat something it becomes carcinogenic. This is actually a synonym. Carcinogenic means cooked. Carcinogenic also means cancer-causing. So its kind of amazing we haven't connected the dots to see that if A=C and if B=C then A=B. Anyway, the FDA does know this, - you can read it in their toxicology section on their website, and even get the names of the hundreds of toxins in any cooked and processed foods. But they don't believe there is an alternative, - and perhaps there isn't yet for the masses. However people like you and I are moving the economy slowly in the direction of being able to feed the world a nourishing sustaining diet, just by demanding it ourselves, - by voting with our dollars, - the vote that always counts. Back to the point, when the body doesn't have to work so hard to get rid of all the toxins in your latest meal, it can concentrate on using the food to do good work in the body, leading to all kinds of wonderful side effects, - namely, health! And, you don't get tired after eating.


Q: can anyone help start me on the raw path? I've toyed with it before, but I want to get serious. I have a very limited budget.

A: You can do it on a budget. We were homeless for a year and a half with three children and stayed 100% raw! Here’s a list from one of our eBooks, below. By the way you can get our 12 eBooks for $19.95 on our site at http://www.TheNatch.com – until Oct 31st, 2007, then the special I think is going up to $29.95.....They’ll give you step by step and in-depth methods for going raw.

Otherwise, I’d suggest just eating whole foods for now, when hungry just eat whatever fruit or vegetable appeals to you. You can also make salads and use a mashed avocado w/lemon or orange juice, or olive oil and Celtic sea salt, for simple yummy dressings. You can cut up avocados and tomatoes and wrap them in lettuce or kale leaves. Put different fruits with an orange juice base in your blender for yummy smoothies.

You can experiment with using nuts in the smoothies. You can add green leafy vegetables to your fruit smoothies for extra nutrition. Try eating nuts and seaweed together for a filling snack. Grind up nuts in a blender and add spices for a meat-like protein and fat meal. You can also shape the ground nuts into a bread and put avocado and tomato on it. You can also use the ground nuts for deserts by adding honey or agave nectar.

You can make guacamole and salsa the usual way as these are already raw foods! You can cut up pieces of jicama in the shape of potato chips, to dip in them, or just cut up carrots, cucumbers and celery into veggie sticks. You can get raw almond butter and cashew butter at the health food store and put these on celery or bananas. You can mix in carob powder and honey or agave with the nut butters and it makes chocolate!

You could use tahini for this too. Or you can add lemon and salt to tahini and that makes an instant cheese, or salad dressing if you add water to the cheese. Those are just a few simple ideas to get you started. There are lots more in our ebooks!

In Joy!

"Raw on a Budget"

by Jinjee Talifero

People ask if it isn't very expensive to eat an all-live diet. It can be. Organic food is pricey. Here are some tips to make it less expensive than a standard diet!

-Farmers Markets
Where farmers gather once a week, set up stalls and sell their produce.
Here's a list of all farmers markets in the U.S.A by state. Good deals still to be had. Good place to develop relationships with the farmers and arrange a trip to their farm.

-Shopping from the Farmer
You can get great deals direct from the farmers. Especially if you do some work trade. Or you can buy their "2nds" cheap (fruit that is not good-looking enough for the stores, although it is often the best-tasting!). Look up organic farms in your area online.

-Shop for under $1.00 a lb.
If you are shopping at a health-food store, the prices are often quite high for organic foods. But large health-food stores will have competitive prices on some items. When I'm on a strict budget, I look at the price of all the produce and I take some of each thing (that looks good) that is under $1.00 a lb. Its amazing how this cuts my grocery bill. What I end up with has often inspired new recipes.

-Buying by the Crate
You can get deals from your health-food store if you order by the crate. We used to order organic oranges by the crate from our local supermarket when we lived in Canada, and the store gave them to us at cost!

-2nds from the Produce Department
At the end of the day the produce department throws away a lot of produce, whether in a supermarket, a health-food store or a produce stand. If you come in at closing time and ask the produce person, they may be happy to give you lots of "2nds", which are often great for smoothies and juices. But don't eat things that are actually going bad. There are molds that can kill you.

Jinjee Talifero
Co-Author of "The Garden Diet"

Q: Hi Jinjee, I just saw Michael Moore's new movie Sicko about the healthcare industry crisis. I think the movie focused too much on the problems with people not being able to get healthcare instead of the real problem which is the healthcare system itself.What do you think?

A: The real revolution is the personal revolution!

Until we take responsibility for our own health and stop putting our own power in the hands of the medical industry nothing will change much.

Unfortunately we are usually just too lazy and fearful to do that.

So we have the medical system we deserve.

But, good news! Things are changing! People are seeking a better way of life en masse. It is still challenging to find the truth out there with all the peddlers of supplements and superfoods just waiting to take advantage of people who are waking up to the medical/pharmaceutical industry rackets. But if you are sincerely seeking a better way, if you are willing to listen to your own body and mind and spirit above any outside influence, if you are willing to value your own experiences and thoughts, then it is possible to live a healthy life!

When I first heard about the raw vegan diet - eating just the foods that grow in their natural unheated state - it was an "aha!" moment. It just made such logical sense that I wondered why I'd never thought of it myself.

My family and I eat a 100% raw-vegan diet and we are thriving on a level that seems to be a sort of phenomena, strangely. I'm really grateful to have found this truth in the midst of so much confusion, chaos, and corruption in our food/diet/health industries. The people who we pay to be our watchdogs have sold us down the river. But that is partly because we are in such denial ourselves!

We'd rather pop a pill than move our butts! We'd rather cut an organ out than eat in a way that sustains and repairs it! We'd rather spend our children's inheritance on medical bills than make a change in our lifestyle!

But we are all just human, and I believe we are all on a journey together towards a perfect world - but we are where we are! And it is a heck of a journey! I'm loving it! Let's be good to ourselves and each-other!

Envisioning a world of health and happiness, free of unnecessary pain and suffering!


Q: Hi Storm & Jinjee,
I have been on the raw food diet now for three weeks and feel I might have to stop being 100% raw. I have NO energy and feel weak from this diet. Am I not getting enough protein? I have been eating good quantities of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, filberts) and vegetables and fruits and manna bread. I cannot eat but a small quantity of grains because my system cannot tolerate grains very well. Please help as I would like to stay on this diet. I am not overweight and the only health issue I have had over the past 15 years is chronic fatigue immune deficiency. Thank you

A: Hi Lynn,

Here’s what I would try. Every day juice some kale, celery, and cucumbers in a vegetable juicer and drink right away and/or make green smoothies made from a handful of greens, any two fruits, and a blender full of water. The vegetables have all the protein, vitamins and minerals you need in perfect quantities. Cut back on the nuts to one cup max a day, - germinated nuts only. To germinate soak the nuts for four hours before eating or making a nut-milk from them. To make a nut-milk blend a cup of soaked almonds with a blender full of water. Strain through a strainer, nut-milk bag or cheesecloth. Leave out manna bread and grains completely as you don’t do well with them. Try to eat a big salad every day.

I hope this helps!

Q: Why do so many raw foodist and vegans look so unhealthy (drawn and shallow) and their skin lacks luster. I live in Ohio and maybe its because of the winter months but I swear it appears that the ones who eat the healthiest look the worst and many are overweight!

A: Maybe it is the weather, I'm not sure. I've heard people say this about veggies, but I haven't noticed it. I wonder if we see what we want to, or what we expect to, or what we believe. Because I've heard many people also say that raw vegans have a real vital glow about them.

I used to think the greyness people described was maybe because a lot of these people have health problems and that's why they got into the alternative diets to start with. And maybe they would be dead otherwise, so they look pretty good in comparison!

Another thing is a lot of vegetarians and vegans don't actually eat a lot of fresh foods. There are a lot of processed vegetarian and vegan foods and these are not vital or enlivening. Some of these people even live on synthetic supplements. I think there's also a personality type that is sort of obsessed with health in a really paranoid way to the point of being unhealthy.


Q: Hi Jinjee,

I found your website about a year ago and went completely raw, lost a ton of weight and felt amazing. Then, started slacking because my family was not enjoying it as I was and they wanted something different. Before I knew it I had added back all my weight plus some. Now, I am 23 weeks pregnant. I have gained 23 lbs., now standing at 183 lbs. and feel plain awful! I am sick a lot, terrible heartburn and indigestion, struggling with constipation and gas again, sluggish, and just plain lazy. I don't go outside, I don't clean my house, I don't play with my two children, I don't take care of myself...I just don't feel like doing anything. I am having a terrible time bonding with my baby in this pregnancy. I am almost resentful because of how big I am and how terrible I feel. I don't like the way I look or the way I feel. We are planning another home-birth with a mid-wife and right now I have such negative feelings on it all. I am scared about the entire process.

Anyway, obviously I have some big issues. This weekend I was describing how I was feeling to my husband. He reminded me of last summer when I discovered the raw diet and how good I felt when I went on it. Well, now I am 23 weeks pregnant and completely out of shape and sick in body, mind and spirit. I am not sure where to start or if it is safe at this point. I know that when you begin the raw diet your body basically detoxes and I am not sure if that is safe during pregnancy.

If you have any suggestions, advice or can point me in a direction to get help in this...I would be extremely grateful. I am tired of being sick and tired. I have loaded up my body with toxins and junk. I want to be free of this, I want to feel good, I want to bond with my baby, I want to enjoy my children, I want to play, I want have the energy to clean my house and do things that are healthy for my body.

Please help...Thanks

A: It is such a difficult question and I have to say upfront that I honestly don't know the answer.

But if it was me, I would go for it! I would go 100% raw right away for myself and my baby! However you might want to take it a little slower, to avoid detox. Other things that can help avoid detox symptoms are to drink lots of water, exercise (especially aerobic), and to do enemas.

I hope this helps!!

Q: I'm a grandmother with a three week baby. I don't have access to breast milk and all the store bought formulas I've found have some kind of cow's milk or soy milk. Any suggestions as to what I can make for her to feed her from a bottle with all the nutrients in it that she needs and can be easily digested by a baby.

Any suggestions or directions would be greatly appreciated!


A: Dear Phyllis,

Wow! That is such a difficult question. Of course nothing can compare with human mother’s milk for a human baby! Is there any chance of acquiring a raw-vegan wet-nurse? That would be a great business/network to start if not! Maybe some traveling raw-vegan young mother would do it in exchange for room and board, and could also be a help to you. Perhaps a vegan or vegetarian wet-nurse would be second best.

If not possible, you might try the water of young coconuts. It tastes a lot like mother’s milk. It has a similar consistency, sweetness, and just a hint of mineral-flavor. It has a similar fat-level too. The main problem is that the ones they ship over here are not organic. My family eats them anyway because of the nutrients, the flavor, and all the things you can do with them! It is one of the few foods we’ll eat un-organic. You may be able to find an organic source if you really hunt online or locally through your Asian Markets and Health Food Stores. Maybe you could convince one of them to order organic ones. Or perhaps that is another great business idea you could start. If someone were to import organic young coconuts to the U.S. I know the raw vegans over here would eat them up!!!

You might also try soaked almond milk or juicing apples or pears with a romaine lettuce leaf in a vegetable juicer, then perhaps strain it. Perhaps the variety of doing all three of these things (you could also vary the fruits and types of greens) would provide adequate nutrition. You’ll have to watch and see how the baby reacts to these foods and monitor the growth charts online to see that the baby is growing well. This is new territory as there are no studies done on this type of real nutrition for infants (do I see another business opportunity?) because of course there is far more money in selling artificial patent-able foods such as infant formula.

This must be a huge challenge for you! My Mom fed my little brother cooked oatmeal from his second day of life because he wouldn’t stop crying and the doctor said he was just hungry. He slept most of the time after that for the first two years of his life but still grew into a strapping young man and a wonderful human being!

All the best of luck to you and the new little one!

Peer Pressure

Q: Hi Jinjee, Just discovered your family's website - so inspiring. I'm a single mum from Sydney Australia with a 13 year old son. I'm 100% raw and my son is also, but is feeling peer pressure at school to be 'normal'.

Unfortunately in Australia, the raw food movement is growing slowly and probably as in the US mainstream just doesn't get it.

A: One raw mom I know sends extra fruits for her son to give to friends in school – and so instead of being teased he is quite popular! :)


Q: Dear Jinjee, I want to thank you for your daily raw inspiration. I was raw for 2 1/2 weeks (bodily changes were amazing), then I started my period. It seems that food cravings are getting the best of me at this time of the month. Does this happen to you? Any tips on what I'm REALLY craving? I had cooked eggs yesterday, and some chocolate covered brazil nuts. I'm still craving chocolate today, and gave in to some chocolate chip cookies, but I'm determined to juice when I get home from work. Must break these cravings, must. J.M.

A: Yes, I do sometimes have these cravings! I’m pregnant and I'm having some unusual cravings for different favorite foods from my childhood. What I did this morning was write down a list of cooked things I wanted to eat. And then I told myself that I will eat one of them tomorrow. So now I just have to get through today. This happened a few hours ago and I’ve actually forgotten about my cravings now anyway. Tomorrow if I’m having cravings I’ll just tell myself the same thing again. That way I can calm the childish part of my mind from having any tantrums about not getting what it thinks I want. Hope this helps! Jinjee

Mother's Milk Replacements

Q: I ordered the 12-E-books. I read raising vegan children.... twice but did not see anything about breast-milk replacement for infants. Not sure If i should go to commercial rice milk or make my own nut milks???? I've read that nuts are not to be introduced to infants due to possible allergies and other reasons.

A: Young coconut water tastes a lot like breast-milk, so I think this would be the most natural replacement. It is full of nutrients, fats, etc.. similar to breast-milk.

I would also make a milk from soaked almonds. See our almond milk recipes in our eBooks but leave out the honey etc... Just use almonds and water.

Also green smoothies. You blend up a few fruits, a handful of romaine lettuce or chard or kale and fill the blender up with water and blend. You can also sometimes use celery or other veggies. You can also make a green smoothie that is like a V8 by using celery, tomatoes, parsley, cucumber and water.

I would alternate between these three types of drinks and see what your baby likes and does best with!

Hi Jinjee,
If a person starts to eat an all raw-vegan diet does it also reverse the aging process? Can it help to regenerate the hormones that are lost. Just wondering because I have been all raw for 10 months and I am 48. I am on no medication and people say I am looking much younger. I have a whole new outlook on life.

Hi Kim,
Wow, that’s great to hear! Yes, the raw-vegan diet absolutely does reverse the aging process and regenerates the glands that produce the anti-aging hormones, which are usually tired out by middle age when a cooked food diet is eaten. On the raw diet the skin becomes more elastic and everything in the body functions better. People have reported and shown wrinkles disappear, grey hair turn back to its original color, and bald men have even experienced new hair growth! The raw vegan diet is nothing short of a miracle! It is the true natural fountain of youth!

Q: Greetings! I have an interesting question and would love to know your thoughts. I first started pursuing the raw foods diet last year in an attempt to help heal an allergy/asthma situation that I have been suffering with for the last 5 years (I'm 38). I have been on and off the diet, and at the very least, have made a successfully transition to vegan from vegetarian and have added a lot more raw foods to my diet and lifestyle. Also, when not feeling particularly well, I will often go a week raw to clean house. The question I have came up at a visit to a doctor of oriental medicine that I have recently started seeing. We address diet as an active treatment component. I shared with the doc that I had gone a week to ten days raw and he expressed concern regarding the consistently cool temperature of the food. Apparently, one of the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a balance of hot and cold in the body. He further shared with me that the body needs to heat food to approx. 100 degrees for proper digestion to occur. He felt that a strictly raw foods diet would promote a state a damp cold in the body which could create a breeding ground for many potential problems to arise. Also, I know from reading up on Ayurveda that a strong digestive fire is directly responsible for health and a disease free life. What are your thoughts on this philosophy?

A: Although the overall Oriental health seems to be a step up from the American Diet I believe that the raw food philosophy will yield dramatically better results. And although Ayurveda makes sense and some people do apply its principles to the raw vegan diet, again I think that the raw vegan diet is an improvement on this philosophy.

Ayurveda and The Chinese Medicine diet are based on the study of human health when these humans are eating a high percentage of cooked foods. When the human body consumes only unheated foods for longer than a few months the resulting physical body systems actually change and of course this changes the entire picture from a scientific stand-point.

Hundreds of years of scientific study would have to be performed on countless raw vegans and raw vegan foods as well as comparisons performed in order to validate and optimize the raw vegan diet. Unfortunately we’re decades away from this happening so we have to operate on our own beliefs, intuition, and experiences. It is my hope that more and more young people will enter into nutritional sciences and that this type of honest research can at least begin in earnest in the near future.


Hello Jinjee,

Let me take the opportunity to say that it seems to me that everyone who
goes raw has someone to thank. I have you! I was shocked to see how healthy
you looked 10 days after having your last baby, and it really got through
to me. I mean, I was already thinking about it; after reading The China
Study it clicked, finally, that it doesn't make sense that we try to immitate
the low-fat diet of of those who are healthy by processing our food and
removing the fat! The low fat diet of those people is low fat because it
is also low protein. It goes hand-in-hand. After that book I became confident
that I don't need animal protein, in fact it is detrimental to our health.

Anyway, if I needed a push... here's the story: I have a 6 months old daughter.
I was in good shape, but I gained 45 lbs in my pregnancy. I lived off of
granola and milk, brown rice and grass fed beef, some cooked veggies, and
cheese; basically. And lots of granola and milk, and cheese. I cut out the
dairy after she was born because I sensed it was giving her colic. I thought:
if it isn't good for her, it can't be good for me, so I never re-started
consuming those.

Then I read the book I mentioned; then I went to take a second look at raw...
it was when I saw your picture that I said to myself: that's it! I went
raw 100% the next day, and that was four weeks ago. I'm doing great, I don't
crave anything. My husband it's also doing it, and we are loving it. I'm
drinking a 1 liter of green smoothie as I type this, just before I go to
bed. These have completely made my want of coffee be history, even when
I get very little sleep (I never get enough these days). So the green smoothies
became the drink that I can't live without! And we bought a super orange
juicer (from Breville) inspired by your love of fresh oj, my husband thinks
it's the best investment we've made in a while.

I have read most of the material that comes in your package. The text you
have for children is so thorough.

Jinjee, thank you for sharing the experience your family had with the diet.
It gave me the confidence that I would know what to do, and it's been working.
I haven't had a cooked meal for this whole time, and I really don't miss

If I can ask you something, it is this: my baby can eat solids now if I
want (I breastfeed). I do give her organic fruits, but not much, just for
fun. I am concerned about the iron issue though. I know she should be fine
with just breast milk since the absorption is greater but... if I wanted
to be safe, do you think I could give her some green juice? Or do you have
any other suggestion for a raw source of iron for a baby? Thank you.

With all the best to all of you,

Note From Jinjee: Thank you for sharing your story! I agree that breastmilk is enough for a 6 month old to get all their nutrients. I also think it is fine to give your baby some green juice if she likes it. My babies always did, especially if it had carrot or apples in it too. Green smoothies are fine too, which are made from two pieces of fruit, a few cups of water, and a handful of greens usually.

Q: Over the last couple of days I watched some of the shows on the "Natural Paradigms" channel and they are sooooooooooooooooo good!!! It is also wonderful to see the whole family enjoying the beautiful food together. A lot of books and info seems to be geared towards adults and it is great that you cover all the aspects of family & children.We are in our first year of being raw fooders and it has been challenging at times, epecially with relatives who feel very strongly that what we are doing is wrong and harmful. (a certain person even went to her doctors and told them, who then said that our children need more -like meat etc - than just raw fruits, veggies & nuts to grow properly) How do you deal - if you have that problem- with relatives/ friends like that?

A: Fortunately we are slowly winning the medical community over! We have more and more people tell us they found our site because their doctors told them to research the raw vegan diet. A panel of doctors on medicalnewstoday.com recommended the raw vegan diet as one of only three popular diets that have no adverse side effects! But it was for so long believed that we need meat and dairy that these ideas are almost a part of all of us. It helps give us and our relatives peace of mind to have the whole family examined regularly by a family doctor to ensure we are all healthy and fully nourished.

Q: I am three months pregnant and I want to go raw but I am afraid that the detox might harm my baby. What are your thoughts on this?

A: That is a very personal decision. Switching to a raw vegan diet might be the best thing you can do for you and your baby giving you a pleasant pregnancy and an easy birthing with a very healthy and happy baby and Mom. However there may be a risk of harming the baby if you switch to a raw diet during pregnancy. When you transition to a raw vegan diet your body can start to expel toxins at a rapid rate. If there is any blockage in the colon the toxins may be reabsorbed into the blood stream and affect the system at large possibly including the fetus. If you are already fairly healthy and eating a pretty clean diet i.e. no junk food, dairy, meat, chemicals, etc... then it is safer. The risk can also be minimized if you get plenty of exercise and drink lots of water to help detox through the breath, the skin, and the elimination organs thereby preventing any reabsorbing of toxins into the system at large.

Q: Which should we use as sweetener: honey or maple syrup? I've heard that honey is not really a vegan food since it comes from bees. We love what you're doing. You have shown us what is possible and what we as humans can and should achieve. Keep going!!!

A: Thank you! We use honey. Some people feel it is not a vegan product because it is made by bees. However it is never actually a part off the bee’s body. Honey is flower nectar transported by the bees in a special sack just for that purpose. You can read how bees make honey on Ask Science Theatre. The health benefits of honey are well documented. It was used medicinally by Native Americans. Only buy honey that is labeled “Raw, Unfiltered”. Most honey is heated to make it easier to bottle. Raw honey is very thick and quite opaque. Agave (cactus) nectar may be a good sweetener too but it is questionable whether it is really raw even when marked raw. If you find a brand of raw Agave nectar contact the company to find out if they heat it at all. Maple syrup is always heated to make it runny enough to bottle it so we don’t use maple syrup at all, although many raw chefs use it.

Q: I simply enjoy your newsletter. I am a vegetarian for 4 years now. Trying to become raw and slipping everytime, but everytime I get back on the horse I seem to ride further and further....I have read about colonics. I was wondering if the OJ diet would have the same affect in cleansing the colon? PS- My husband and I LOVE the Breakthrough DVD!!!

A: Thanks for the feedback! We think that the OJ Diet or the raw vegan diet are even more beneficial than colonics and not as invasive. However when I had a blockage in my colon causing a detox headache during transitioning to the raw diet I got instant relief by doing an enema ~ jinjee