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Pepsi Raw: Why Are Corporations Trying to Go Raw?


The strange news is that Pepsi is trying to make a Raw Food Beverage. Of course you can't mass-market a really raw packaged food unless it is dried or dehydrated or powdered.

Nevertheless, Pepsi recently introduced Pepsi Raw to the UK market, in select bars and clubs, Pepsi Raw claims to be all natural, less carbonated, and less fattening.

The new drink claims to have 90 calories and have the following ingredients:

* Apple extract
* Plain caramel colouring
* Coffee leaf
* Tantaric acid from grapes
* Gum arabic from acacia trees
* Cane sugar
* Sparkling water

To its credit, they are a step up from regular Pepsi with its chemicals and high fructore corn syrup. Yay! Because of the raw movement a soda pop is actually attempting to be healthy! That's definitely something to be happy about!

The question is, why would Pepsi bother with such a small demographic? Maybe this business study answers that question. It shows that the raw vegan market is growing over 100% a year, with popular raw food bar Larabar making over 15 million dollars last year.

What does this mean for the raw vegan consumer? It means we actually get to eat at restaurants and buy packaged foods which can be a lot of fun once in a while. But it also means we have to read the labels! Understand your ingredients. Even if the packaged or bottled product is labelled "raw", read the ingredients.

If there's an ingredient and you're not sure it is raw, write it down and look it up online before you decide to buy the item in question. Once you start eating a non-raw ingredient, you might find yourself craving sugar or other cooked foods addictions you thought you were over, or find yourself losing interest in raw foods. Some ingredients to avoid: braggs amino acids, nama shoyu, miso, natural flavors, lecithin, cocoa butter, vegetable protein, canola oil, soy oil, and anything with the word hydrogenated.

Always remember "Fresh is Best!" - And don't forget who loves ya! ;)

by Jinjee Talifero

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