What Really Happened to The Andressohns Raw Vegan Baby?

by Jinjee Talifero - 1/21/05

(The Andressohns with their four children. Raw Vegans under attack. Doctors say these obviously healthy and alert chubby cheeked cherubs above were "malnourished"!!! Children siezed, fed meat and dairy, parents jailed, haven't seen their children in eighteen months!)

The Raw Vegan Movement online is rallying to the support of the Andressohns,

a family who lost their 5 month old baby eighteen months ago. On the same

day that their baby Wohyah died their four older children were taken from

Joseph and Lamoy Andressohn by the state of Florida and they haven't even

glimpsed them since. The couple were charged, jailed for 99 days and released

on bail under house arrest. How has this been allowed to happen?

When I first read the articles about this incident in the Miami and other

newspapers my reaction was that the state was right to take these children.

The articles reported that the baby had died of malnutrition and that the

older children were malnourished also.  One article said that Joseph and

Lamoy Andressohn fed their children only three kinds of raw vegan foods:

carrots, corn and avocados. Naturally I felt that this family was

taking things to an unhealthy extreme and I moved on.

Since then eighteen months have passed. Every once in a while I read an

article that mentions the death of this raw vegan baby as an argument

against the raw vegan diet and I usually respond that this family was

following an unusually restricted diet. But I was wrong because I was

mislead by the media that didn't know any better because they themselves

were given false information.

Suddenly in the past month I have been receiving numerous letters seeking

support for the Andressohns' legal battle to get their children back. Due to

the tremendous amount of support for this family I realized I needed to

research the story in more detail. This was easily done because all of the

links seeking support led to the website http://www.rawfriends.com/andressohns.html  which

gives the Andressohns own side of the story. In a nutshell it says that the

baby died of DiGeorge Syndrome, a birth defect, that the older children were given

glowing bills of health, and that there is no valid excuse for what the

state has done to this family. The website also shows pictures of the family

all of whom appear very healthy.

I phoned the creator of this website, Steven Gibb, a retired owner of a

telecomm company who is now a raw vegan. When he heard that after a year the

Andressohns still hadn't seen or recovered their children he was moved to

contact them. He spent three weeks interviewing them and winning their trust

enough to get their whole story. He then spent the next few months putting

together the RAW FRIENDS website in order to help them. And help of all kinds

has been pouring in! Steven says he is amazed at the humility of Joseph and

Lamoy. They are not angry. They accept that there is a reason for all that

is happening to them.

Now as a mother of four healthy raw vegan children I can barely imagine the trauma

that this brave couple is enduring. I myself am furious. Every day hundreds of

children die in the US because their parents pretend to not know any better

than to feed them a diet consisting primarily of junk food and fast food.

Not one of these parents is ever jailed or has their other obese children

seized by the state! According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) over

a third of all children in the US are overweight! Childhood diseases such as

leukemia, diabetes, and heart disease are at record highs. The CDC has

declared an obesity epidemic saying that this generation of children will be

the first in many generations to have a lower life expectancy than their


Joseph and Lamoy Andressohn are a couple who are trying to change things and

to provide a higher quality of life for their children. Through the

challenges of the dietary discipline that they face every day they are

paving the way for a better future for everyone. And yet they peacefully and

with humility accept the consequences of their courage; the ultimate extreme

punishment that society has dealt them. I can think of no greater torture

than to have my children taken from me. When I look at the peace and love in

Lamoy's beautiful face I am moved to tears. The picture on the rawfriends

website was taken in the midst of all this tragedy! Surely she is a highly

evolved human being.

I have been helping to spread the word about the website where the

Andressohns' story can be read. And several people have asked me the same

question, which I will answer here. Some articles reported that the baby who

died was only 7 lbs. at 5 months. People have been asking me why this didn't

alert the parents that something was wrong. First of all their were four

different birth weights recorded, one of them showing 13 lbs., another

showing 7 kilograms (which is roughly the same). However baby Wohyah was

born with a birth defect and had no thymus gland. Babies with this

condition sometimes die before they are two months old. It is a testament to

the raw vegan diet and the spirit of the Andressohns that Wohyah was blessed

with 5 months to experience the love of his parents and siblings before

taking leaving of this plane.

Many other facts have been left out of the Andressohns' story online for the

sake of brevity. I learned these in my conversation with Steven Gibb. For

instance out of 60 friends of the Andressohns who were called to the stand,

58 of them had nothing but good things to say. Only two people gave negative

comments. One was that the Andressohns exercised with their kids in the hot sun; a

"crime" most of us are surely guilty of every summer.  And the other was a

neighbor who said that the children had refused candy when offered, and had

said that it was bad for you when questioned why.

There are still more facts that prove beyond a doubt that the Andressohns

have been wrongfully treated and that they never deserved to loose their

children. However Steven Gibb has asked me not to publish these because the

Andressohns' legal team are keeping these facts as their "ace cards" in

order to win the case to get Joseph and Lamoy reunited with their four


Many wonderful things have happened that inspire me with the belief that

this trauma will soon be ended. The top trial lawyer in Florida has taken on

the Andressohns' case . They have a top legal team including Justice

Fields, a vegan attorney who moved to Florida to work on this case. And many

raw vegan authors have given hundreds of raw food books to give out to

people who donate funds to the cause at the rawfriends website.

So take a look at the Andressohns' side of the story at

http://www.rawfriends.com/andressohns.html  and click the button at the bottom of the page

to contribute whatever you can to aid in this battle. Please forward this

article and the one on rawfriends as widely as you can. The future of the raw vegan

movement is at stake. This case may determine the freedom or lack thereof

for all people in this country to choose how to feed their own families. It

may even determine whether families will be free to practice being

vegetarian, vegan, and raw-vegan or not!

A statement from Lamoy Andressohn, the children's mother:

”God has somehow chosen me to walk this path and I’m not sure why. I know I must follow it for bigger reasons than I understand and I don’t hold any ill will toward any part of the state because they are doing what they are trained to do. I am honored that God chose me to walk this path and I will embrace it until the end. I know how much my pain and suffering will effect the rights of others and I can’t afford to be selfish knowing this will affect the rights of the children of the future who choose to live this lifestyle.”

For more information see http://www.rawfriends.com <http://www.rawfriends.com/>


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