Prevent the Mandatory Pasteurization of Almonds!

The collective newsletters who have received a link to this page represent apx. 500,000 raw vegans in North America, a huge demographic which should be of concern to the Almond Board. Raw organic almonds are the main protein source for raw vegans in its most popular form; Almond Milk (See

If the Almond Board follows through with the pasteurization of almonds it will lose millions of dollars in revenues as raw vegan food distributors will begin importing almonds from France, Australia and other places where almond are still allowed to grow naturally. We need to bring this point home to the Almond Board.

If you are reading this you are probably on the leading edge of knowledge about nutrition and the world needs your input now!

All Almonds will be Pasteurized starting 2007! * No label allowing "truly raw almonds" * Almonds labeled as "Raw Almonds" will still have been pasteurized! A big lie and fraud!! You are about to be denied your food freedom choices! Did you know that starting in the fall of 2007, truly raw almonds will not be available in the USA or Canada? See link below for the pasteurization plan. The FDA has decided not to tell the consumer the truth about this processing step. The almonds you will buy in Whole Foods this fall may still say "raw almonds" but they will have been subjected to high heat and a five log kill step...that they are calling "Pasteurization". This lie is being permitted by the marketing order!! Read more....

Here are the official details about the Mandatory Pasteurization of Almonds from The Almond Board of California:

Mandatory Almond Pasteurization is WRONG!!! - Here is the Online Petition you can sign to help prevent this ridiculous, poisonous, and unneccesary action from taking place!

My respected friend and advisor Keith Pilotti emailed this to the Almond Board. Please email them a similar message or your own thoughts and post it on their contact form here. Also see Keith's longer letter further below for an even more powerful letter:

"Raw, natural food as it grows from the Earth is our most inalienable birthright. Please ensure an abundant supply of raw, organic, fresh, whole, ripe almonds for our health and the future of our species. Thank you'.

Here is their response:

From: Rule <>
Date: Apr 6, 2007 5:01 PM
Subject: Regarding your comments on pasteurization

Dear Mr. Pilotti,

We appreciate your comments and suggestions about the pasteurization
of raw almonds.

The almond industry strives to provide consumers with a product that
they can enjoy, that is safe, and that can benefit health. With
consumers' health and safety as its number one priority, the Almond
Board of California worked with the United States Department of
Agriculture to institute the pasteurization program. The purpose of
this program is to ensure consumers are provided with safe, wholesome
food products free from potentially harmful levels of unsafe bacteria.

You can be assured that pasteurized almonds are as nutritious and
delicious as unpasteurized almonds. The almond industry invested in
independent nutritional lab analyses of pasteurized versus
unpasteurized almonds. Those tests did not reveal any degradation of
the taste, quality or nutritional value of treated almonds.
Pasteurized almonds are still nutrient dense, a good source of protein
and fiber, an excellent source of vitamin E and magnesium, and still
help maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

We understand there have been questions whether the industry
pasteurization program has consumer labeling implications. These new
industry regulations do not pertain to consumer labeling.
Manufacturers and retailers will continue to determine how to label
their products in line with FDA regulations.

We hope you will continue to enjoy almonds knowing that they are the
same wholesome food that you have enjoyed for so long.


The Almond Board of California

Here is Keith's letter back, which I think makes all the points really well. If we all send letters with these concepts in them perhaps we can turn this thing around! (See more people to contact further below)

Thanks for your reply.

I am less than assured of anything by this comment other than that you
naively believe that all aspects of nutrition can be tested in a

Pasteurization by definition DESTROYS LIFE, therefore the life-giving
properties of the almonds must be altered by this process.

The answer is not to destroy the lifeforce of the almonds, but to
ensure that handling of the almonds is done in a manner proper to
avoiding contamination.

I choose to eat only organic, natural, from the Earth food, and do not
believe that pasteurized almonds are fit for human consumption.

You can be assured that I will other than purchase any almonds that
have been pasteurized in any manner.

Please reconsider this ill-advised rule and ensure an abundant supply
of 100% raw, unpasteurized almonds for those of us who deeply care
about our health and see beyond the superficial paranoia and
self-serving politics behind the measure.

Respectfully yours,
Keith Pilotti

And my letter to Keith:

Wow! What an unbelievable letter from the almond board!!! I'm astounded that someone so completely uneducated and unconscious is in charge of such a major food source!

Wonderful response back to him!


More good info:

To help further, these are the people to contact....please fax, call or email them and demand:
1. A true almond label that states clearly that "these almonds have been pasteurized"
2. A second consumer choice label that warns that the "almonds are raw and unprocessed".
3. That you will not tolerate the pasteurization of your almonds and having them still labeled as a "raw almond". That this is a fraud and a lie.
4. Tell them that the proposed marketing order denies consumers the freedom to identify and choose whole unprocessed foods.

Marketing Committee Members
Scott Hunter, Chairman
Hunter Farms
12237 Rose Avenue
Livingston, CA 95334
Work: (209) 564-9991
Fax: (209) 394-8007

Dan Cummings, Vice Chairman
Cummings-Violich, Inc.
1750 Dayton Road
Chico, CA 95928
Work: (530) 894-5494
Fax: (530) 891-4946

Stacey Humble, Associate Director, Global Marketing

John O'Shaughnessy
Blue Diamond Growers
1802 C Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Work: (916) 446-8576
Fax: (916) 446-8461

Susan Brauner
Blue Diamond Growers
1802 C Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Work: (916) 446-8354
Fax: (916) 325-2880

Board of Directors of the California Almond Board

Chairman David Phippen
13909 Leroy Ave.
Ripon, CA 95366 (209) 599-6111 (209) 599-4008 fax

Vice Chair Doug Youngdahl
Blue Diamond Growers P.O. Box 1768
Sacramento, CA 95812 (916) 446-8595 (916) 329-3320 fax

Member Susan Brauner
Blue Diamond Growers P.O. Box 1768
Sacramento, CA 95812 (916) 446-8354 (916) 325-2880 fax

Member Wil Hunter
Hunter Farms 1621 N. Lincoln
Livingston, CA 95334 (209) 277-5840 (209) 394-8007 fax

Member Christine Long
Hilltop Ranch, Inc. 13890 Looney Rd.
Ballico, CA 95303 (209) 874-1875 (209) 874-1877 fax

Member Mike Mason
Panoche Creek Packing 15810 Arabella Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93312 (661) 746-7877 (661) 746-7875 fax

Member Dean Nelson
Sierra Valley Almonds, LLC 12800 W. Shields Ave. Kerman, CA 93630 (559) 280-2148 (559) 843-9010 fax

Member Dan Cummings
Cummings-Violich, Inc. 1750 Dayton Road
Chico, CA 95928 (530) 894-5494 (530) 891-4946 fax

Member Rick Kindle
Gold Hills Nut Co., Inc. 11805 Newport Rd.
Ballico, CA 95303 (209) 634-2022 (209) 634-0407 fax

Member Doug Wells 16508 W. River Rd.
Livingston, CA 95334 (209) 394-7246

More Brilliant Letters to the Almond Board (that people cc'd to me).....

Dear Almond Board,

My family consumes 30 pounds of raw almonds monthly. The process of pasteurization removes virtually everything we find to be desirable in food. If the process of handling the almonds is properly regulated (rather than allowing sloppy handling and unclean environments) then the risk of harmful bacteria is effectively minimized.

By disallowing the consumers’ right to purchase truly raw food you will lose a significant number of buyers for your product – including my family. We believe that if you can’t purchase and consume food in its raw, natural state then you should not consume that food. We will not buy any almonds treated with a pasteurization process.

I hope that you can see clear to create a provision for people such as myself and the almond growers who supply the niche raw food markets – this type of dietary awareness has as great a potential as “organic” did in the 1980s. Can you imagine what would have happened if the FDA tried to prevent growers from raising pesticide free crops? The growers would have missed out on a multi billion dollar industry (not to mention what it would have meant for our health).

Thanks for your time,

Nathan Baerreis

Dear Almond Board,

We are very concerned and dismayed about the decision of the Almond Board to require mandatory pasteurisation of all almonds sold in North America. We so much value health and safety for everyone, and the freedom to choose the quality of our foods!
We are wondering if this also affects almonds sold in the shell?

We understand the Board's concerns related to the two outbreaks of salmonella , and its need to insure the safety, trust, and loyality of its customers. We want this too, and yet we are not sure that your decision is going to meet those needs for everyone.

We decided 17 years ago to abstain from eating any pasteurised foods or other heat treatments of foods like cooking, to the great benefit of our health. We are also raising 3 children who eat only raw, undenatured foods and observe their freedom from illnesses and an increase vitality.
This experience of recovering health with a raw food diet is now shared by an exponentially growing number of people in North America. We are certain that through pasteurization you will lose substantial customer support, including ours, to the likely profit of European sources. (Being raised in France, I know first-hand the excellent quality of almonds produced on small polyculture farms.)

We are surprised to read on your website that the Almond Board believes pasteurisation will not affect the taste, quality or nutritional value of the almonds and that a laboratory analysis could demonstrate it. This is simply not our experience gained from abstaining from foods that have lost their aliveness! When we observe that a raw almond has the ability to sprout while the heat-treated one doesn't, it also tells us there is a fundamental difference. One is alive, the other dead. That fundamental difference cannot be put into evidence by laboratory analytical means as one needs to kill an organism to be able to do its analysis.( the whole is greater than the sum of its parts).
We also can recognise, by taste and by the effect it has on our bodies, the difference between a heat treated food and a really raw one.

It is our confidence that salmonella outbreaks are rare occurence and require more conditions that simple exposure thru eating. Jean-Claude has never been affected despite been exposed to the bacteria on a regular basis as he has been eating raw meats and eggs for most of his life (it is cultural in France to eat raw meats and eggs).

We have no interest to convince you of that and rather would like for us, our familly and the many other people we know who value natural health, to have the freedom to choose which treatment we want or do not want to be done to our foods, and the consideration for our needs and values.

Can you please let us know if our point of view has been made known to all persons on the Almond Board who are responsible for making this decision?
We would also like to hear from you about what specific actions the Board is taking to assure that raw almonds will continue to be available to those people who want them and who will not buy pasteurised almonds.

Jean-Claude Catry and Ingrid Bauer
Brisitish Columbia, Canada

To whom it may concern

I am writing today because I feel a great mistake is about to be made regarding the mandatory pasteurization of almonds. I ask that you take the time to read my concerns, and requests as well as review the letters below which are previous correspondence from another concerned consumer to the almond board. I agree completely with the position of Mr. Pilotti in his letter below, and thousands like me will as well.

The biggest grocery store consumers of raw almonds in North America are a group of people who eat what is now termed a raw or living foods diet. This group of consumers is growing by leaps and bounds and will soon become as big a force in the food industry as those who choose to consume only organic produce. Raw foodists use raw unpasteurized almonds as a staple food in their diet the way many people use bread and rice. We buy them by the pound, in bulk, we buy them several times a month, we buy them in amounts significant enough that if we should choose to go elsewhere the almond growers of north america will suffer significantly! I am one of these raw foodists and I assure you I will go to the ends of the earth and import unpasteurized almonds from any place I can get them at any cost, before I will walk to my local grocer and purchase 'raw' almonds I know to have been pasteurized. I can also assure you that as many as 100 of my friends who also live a raw foods lifestyle will join me in doing the same and each of them may also have many friends not in my circle who will as well.

If anyone were to doubt that pasteurization has an effect on the quality of an almond and on the life force within the almond, I ask them to take a handful of pasteurized almonds and try to sprout them, try to make even one of them grow into an almond plant, a plant that one day could be a tree producing millions of tasty delicious life giving almonds. You will be unsuccessful! A pasteurized almond is DEAD! And that my friend is why I won't be eating them.

The proposed marketing order denies consumers the freedom to identify and choose whole unprocessed foods. I do not expect that my words will be near as effective as the buying power of myself and of my growing raw food communities. I doubt that the almond board will listen until they are already feeling the crunch from the ten of thousands of raw foodists taking their business and their almond buying dollars out of the country. Nonetheless I make my requests in hopes that they will be heard and I may be saved the effort of importing almonds from Greece, Iran, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Syria, or Turkey.

I request :
1. A true almond label that states clearly that "these almonds have been pasteurized"
2. A second consumer choice label that warns that the "almonds are raw and unprocessed".
3. That you will not tolerate the pasteurization of your almonds and having them still labeled as a "raw almond". That this is a fraud and a lie.
4. Ensure an abundant supply of 100% raw, unpasteurized (not to mention organic) almonds for those of us who deeply care about our health.

Rachel Myren

More Letters to me from some of the 500,000 raw vegans in North America, representing a huge demographic which should be of concern to the Almond Board.....

How are you?
This is absolutely horrible news I heard. I am in Sydney Australia, I have
not heard the same thing in Australia, so maybe our Raw Almonds are still
Raw, I am not sure if I am allowed to just mail almonds half way accross the
world, but if you are looking for someone who can import Australian Raw
Almonds around the world I can help out. Maybe you can sell Raw Almonds to
your raw fooders network in US while I simply post them to you via mail from
my local Organic Market. I dont know if it is simple as that but if you are
interested in it I can look into it for you.
from Matt.

Hi Jinjee
Thank so much for your daily emails, I do enjoy them.
I live in Spain, but have just signed the petition- however there is something that maybe you can point out to your readers that I was unaware of myself until a few months ago. This year for my birthday my friends bought me an almond tree! It is in a pot in a sunny spot on my balcony, and seems to be doing well as buds are appearing. I think I can expect a harvest around September time. I would never have thought I could grow my own almonds from a pot on the balcony.
Thanks again

Hi Jinj
My food is my form of worship to God .To make his temple worthy of his service. Wouldn't the mandatory Pasteurization of almonds by the government interfere with this Worship? Shouldn't we make this part of the reasoning to not Pasteurize too?



Hi - I am going to get the word out as much as I can ... I don't believe the
absolute IDIOCY - INSANITY of this! It's just the start if this is
allowed!!! They want us off the good stuff - they want us sick, weak,
stupid! This infuriates me!!!! I guess that's just a tad' obvious!

We cannot force circumcision upon little boys to prevent AIDS any more than we can force pasteurization on almonds to prevent salmonella. I support consumer choice. Keep raw almonds alive!!!

I have looked at the site, and unless I am mis-interpreting the information, it sounds like truly raw almonds will still be available through "DV users." I imagine these would be established/recognized raw food sources that we are familiar with. Hope so. . .

Hi Jinjee, this mail I received from Jack, from the company
They use almonds from France.Maybe an idea to make a list on your site with company's using guaranteed raw almonds?
k regards, Marcel

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